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CBC Canada - Day without a mobile phone

Mon Jul 07, 2008 00:00 - Mon Jul 07, 2008


Here you can see how our sound and light installation "Day without a mobile phone" went in Edmonton.
It all took place on 28-29 of June, part of the Works Art & Design Festival.

People in Edmonton got really excited :) We were in radio, newspapers, TVs. There is a CBC Canada national news clip about it:

... and big thanks to all of you who made calls to the public numbers!!!!

See you in next city!
Riin and Eve


A day without a mobile-phone, Edmonton

Fri Jun 27, 2008 00:00 - Fri Jun 27, 2008


Installation „A day without a mobile-phone“ has started to tour around.

This Saturday, 28th of June people in Edmonton will be challenged to be without their cell phones for 24 hours. Installation „A day without a mobile-phone“ is made up of cell phones collected from people in Edmonton. The phones form a net by being hung in the Big Tent in front of City Government.

It all takes place in the program of the Works Art & Design Festival.

Everyone from any country can participate in the installation. For that you need to call to the following numbers during the installation time:
+372 530 28 666
+372 530 28 220
+372 530 28 707
+372 530 28 082
+372 530 28 239

These numbers will be also up in the installation. Your calling will be creating a sound and light event in Edmonton!

Installation takes place by Edmonton time on Saturday, 28th of June 12 pm - Sunday, 29th of June 12 pm.
New York time: 28th of June, 2 pm - 29th of June, 2 pm
Brussels time: 28th of June, 8 pm - 29th of June, 8 pm
Tokyo time: 29th of June, 3 am - 30th of June, 3 am

Installation „A day without a mobile-phone“ is made by Eve Arpo and Riin Kranna-Rõõs from Estonia. It was first created in Tallinn, September 2007.

VIDEO ABOUT INSTALLATION IN TALLINN: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QfBXp04wEQo&eurl=http://daywithoutmobilephone.blogspot.com/

Blog: http://www.noob.ee