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Exhibition Opportunity

Thu Mar 09, 2006 00:00

The RIDER Project is a DIY, nomadic art gallery located in the back of a Ryder truck. The Project promotes mobile art in the public sphere and explores the possibility that mobile guerilla art -- art interjected into neighborhoods, targetting specific populations at specific times -- can foster (positive) social change. (See www.art-anon.org)

The RIDER Project is a pro-active, experimental and conceptual artwork informed by the ideas of Joseph Beuys, and given shape by participating artists. We will be exhibiting March 9-15, coinciding with the Armory and Scope art fairs, and we are looking for a few more artists to exhibit in the truck, and help make the show HAPPEN. (Contributions of time and $ will help cover costs of the truck, gas, gallery-sitting etc.)

If you are interested please contact rider2005_acurrent@yahoo.com with 3 images, resume and statement.

The RIDER Project is professional, political, experimental and challenging, daring and fun. We weren't invited to the art fairs, but we will be there. Hope you can make it, too!