Rich White
Since 2003
Works in London United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Rich White is an artist who uses digital media to explore the meaning of art and value and its perception.

This work takes many forms - from digital images and web-based works to site-specific installation and video.
Themes explored in his work include context, perception, time-travel, decontextualisation and censorship.

Rich currently lives and works in London.
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interactive flash movie made in response to michael szpakowski's motion picture.
works best on firefox.

rich white




.jpg composite image challenge

artist rich white invites people to join the netbehaviour email list and take part in a collaborative .jpg project.

currently on it's third of 14 days, white posts an image to the list each day to which people are invited to enhance, adapt, manipulate, and then post back to the list. white then creates a composite of all the submissions for that day and reworks the mix if images. this is posted back to the list and the process repeats.

"the origins of this idea come from recent thoughts about digitally created imagery; in particular drawing with a computer and using paint software as a medium for drawing, and thinking about the validity of the computer-made mark. i would like to use this residency not only to challenge myself with the task of drawing in this fashion, but also invite list members to submit their interpretation of drawing, and through this interaction to challenge me to make visual sense, through one image, of the multiple ideas submitted. The residency also reflects the broader aspects of my practice where I am exploring ideas of creating works which have no context or basis in our visual frame of reference. through this I am examining the processes of originality and value, and the creation of belief in these ideas."

the end result of the project will be a series of progressive images charting the development of the work, along with the collaborators submitted images for each day.

project url:



new works crossing the actual and virtual divide currently in development:


comments welcome.