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Re: Membership Fee?

> Mark,

You have already heard my opinion...But I have more to add based on your post.

I agree with the others that the artbase (or some incarnation of it) should remain open to the public. I am sure the artists with work in the base have Rhizome on their resume with a link to their work. Rhizome is well known, so this access is meaningful to these artists.

Also, you could always leave a limited number of guest spaces open on the site... Maybe even just 10-20 guests slots... So people can come in and see what Rhizome is all about... (In the scenario where the artbase is 'members-only' this would allow artists to still be able to refer their work on Rhizome to non-members)

Perhaps you could have these guest slots "sponsored" by those in the community who could afford to send in a little more $$$... Or, instead of getting a "thank you gift" for membership, have a choice of sponsoring a guest spot. Or, why not ask for an extra,optional $1 from every member to support these spots in the interest of keeping Rhizome available to the public, if even in a limited capacity. (I think most people who are willing to become members would just add that extra buck...)

Enough of my 2 cents worth! (I am up to about a buck-50 by now...)