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Beekman & Gremo performances in .nl and .be

apologies for cross-posting

October 7
Amsterdam @ Kraakgeluiden in de Binnenstad
Bruce Gremo - MAX/MSP, shakuhachi and flutes - <>
Rene Beekman - video - <>
Thomas Ankersmit - saxophone
Cor Fuhler - EMS and other sound makers - <>

'Route' performance in the Netherlands and Belgium

'Route' is a multiple-computer instrument-concept developed by
composer Bruce Gremo and artist Rene Beekman which enables not only
independent real time DSP improvisation in both the audio and video
realms, but enables the two performers to cross-route control, so
that the audio performer controls the visual and vice versa. What
they primarily improvise with is the configurations of routing,
constantly changing the control surface, its topography.


October 9
Rotterdam @ Worm
cracks & guts in live-cinema
Bart van Dongen, Jennek Geels, a.o. 'The sound of a city'
Bruce Gremo & Rene Beekman 'Route'

October 10
Amsterdam @ Steim
No Backup Concerts
Anthony Hequet 'Mund'
Bruce Gremo & Rene Beekman 'Route'

October 12
Brussels @ Nadine
with the support of iMal
Bruce Gremo & Rene Beekman 'Route'


Re: Welcome to the Multiplex - Documenta 11, New Generation Film Festival (Lyon), LA Film Festival

apologies for the delay in replying, have been catching up on email
after having been offline for a couple of days

From: Lev Manovich (
>Given my interest in new forms of cinema I was attracted to a number of
>multi-screen installations at Documenta, including works by such
>heavyweights as Isaac Julien, Chantal Akerman, and Eija-Liisa Ahtila. I
>thought that Ahtila