Rosemary Bodolay
Since 2003
Works in Verona, Wisconsin United States of America

I'm an independent videomaker in Madison, Wisconsin working primarily on documentary and art video projects.
My video work has been screened, broadcast, and cablecast internationally. In addition to single-channel video projects i create site-specific installations.

I've been teaching Artists Video in the Art Dept, University of Wisconsin-Madison since 1997, and Computers in the Visual Arts since 2003. I have also taught courses in Computer-Mediated Arts and Video Design in the InterArts and Technology Program @ UW-Madison.
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Re: FW: Call for Media Based work that engages policy, planning and


joy garnett wrote:

> FYI:
> -------------forwarded message---------------
> Call for media-based artwork: "Groundworks"
> The exhibition "Groundworks: Environmental Collaboration in
> Contemporary
> Art" is being organized at the Regina Miller Gallery at
> Carnegie-Mellon
> University for the fall of 2005. The exhibition will include a range
> of
> collaborative projects addressing environmental issues both nationally
> and
> internationally. Work is sought for the media component of this
> exhibition, which will be presented in a dedicated media gallery
> space. We
> seek collaborative, media-based projects (either original media pieces
> or
> documentation of completed collaborative projects) that creatively
> engage
> the mechanisms of policy and planning used to govern a given
> ecosystem. A diverse range of of ecosystems may be considered,
> including
> urban, rural, uninhabited, or virtual (e.g. internet) systems.
> Engagement
> may include direct renewal of the system, strategies of agency and
> social
> participation, or others, but should strive to be conscious of its
> aesthetic and ethical framework. We are especially seeking web-based,
> computer-based or video pieces (DVD, VHS, etc.).
> Send proposals and inquiries to:
> Patrick Deegan
> Dept. of Art History
> VIS 0084 UCSD
> La Jolla, CA 92093
> or email: