Since 2007

Raul Gomez Valverde is a Spanish artist living and working in London and Madrid. He is interested in how looking conveys different emotional processes that affect our understanding of the world.

His previous work examined surveillance as a power structure that affects our perception of reality and combines pleasures of observing and being observed. Before that, he investigated construction of a persona based on public interviews, electronic rhythms and corporate identity.

He is a graduate of Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design (2007, MA Communication Design) and is currently working on his PhD at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, studying history of computer and new media imagery and emotional responses to digital drawing.

He was partner founder of Lobe Multimedia (2002), an interactive communication company based in Madrid where he was responsible for information design. In 2003 he created Net-arte.com, an on-line platform for artists and galleries in Spain.

His work has been displayed in London (Final Show, 2007, Mall Galleries), Cantabria (Landscape, 2005, Artesles International Contemporary Art Show) and Madrid (Shall we dance?, 2004, Centro de Arte Joven) and Avila (All about you, 2004, Caja de Avila).