Raphaël Bastide
Since 2008
Works in Montpellier France

Raphaël Bastide, graphic designer / hacker / digital artist

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Raphaël Bastide is a freelance graphic designer and artist.

► The web web
thewebweb is a net art website in seven acts.
The balance between Internet mythology and new html technology (canvas & js) is perfect.
By Anton Gerasimenko, Sergey Chikuyonok, Kostya Loginov, Showpanorama, Vladislav Yakovlev, Natasha Klimchuk, Kate Malykh, Sergey Filippov, Andrey Zubrilov, Anton Schnaider, Vasily Dubovoy

► Webjam
<~ ~> surfing club

► Avastard by Carlo Lowfi
A great piece with Twitter avatars.

► Temporary.cc
The question about archive when visit really matters.

One of my favorite 2009 exhibition. The way they expose net art in real life was for me inspiring.
Photo gallery

► Mybiennalisbetterthanyours
A Fresh net art overview for 2009 by Tolga Taluy

► Ben Schumacher
Especially his piece 0%

► Junk Jet
A nerdy fanzine discovered in 2009.

► net.art GIANT FUNNEL
The feed I should take on a desert island.


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Identity and Fake

Lara Salinas> Can you send me your email address ?
raphael.bastide /at\ gmail.com


Identity and Fake

Lara Salinas > I am focused on how a character can be an extension of an artist identity as you can see in my references. I am not really sure "fake" is the good word because the relationship between the creature and his author is often close: what happen in one's life get consequences in the other on line life. I will contact you, thank you for your answer.


Identity and Fake

Lara Salinas > I am a

2 more references
Book: Internet Art
Fanzine: Junk Jet #3


Identity and Fake

I would like to share my researches focused on the avatar manipulation as a net.art practice.
I'm writing the second part of a paper witch try to prune the archives of net.art in order to find interesting references.

[*]Luther Blissett
[*]Darko Maver
[*]Interview with Keiko Suzuki
[*]Keiko Suzuki and Mouchette
I would like to contact this anonymous to share my statement with him/her.
[*]Why the lucky stiff and Eulogy to _why (J. Resig)
[*]Female Extention
289 Virtual Net.Artists (all female)
[*]Spirit Surfing
Kevin Bewersdorf, March 2008
[*]Personal Home Pages and the Construction of Identities on the Web
Not about art but really instructive
[*]I can has rezearch papar ?
For the "Anonymous" part

I am interested in any ressource about this subject. Feel free to complete my list.


HTML Color Codes

Twitter + Hexa colors = http://netart.lowfi.es/ By Carlo Lowfi