raphael jay adjani
Since 2004
Works in London United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Director of Goldsmiths research project:

8 technology
- towards a deep ecology of art, architecture and being

8 technology a.k.a. ecosophy 8 a.k.a. 8

brings together particular ideas from science, digital technology, philosophy, architecture and art to facilitate sublime works that shed light on our contemporary ecology and being.

This project's current emphasis is pedagogy. I t is examine possibilities for developing an integrative education that explores inter-relationships between architecture, art, design, ecology, medicine and other science, philosophy, technology to study 'being'.
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Call For Proposals: Call for new digital works

Hello Michelangelo Alasa

I am an artist in London. I would like to submit one of my works -'iPak' - for consideration for your exhibition opening on March 16 at your gallery Emergence@DMAC.

It is an internet art work, commissioned by Turbulence and viewable at www.ipak.org.uk.

Look forward to hearing from you



Press Release - Tate Modern a Tantric Viewing

Thu Feb 23, 2006 00:00 - Wed Feb 22, 2006

Press Release

'this film makes you rethink the museum'


tate modern


public lecture

Tue May 03, 2005 00:00 - Thu Apr 28, 2005

university of the arts london

summer public lecture series


‘humans are not the centre of life...humans are not even central to life’ -
bionomics and its pertinence to
contemporary art, architecture, and design

3rd May, 5-7pm,
University of the Arts, London
Room 205, 65 Davies Street, London W1

Ajaykumar’s talk interrogates symbiotic, non-anthropocentric, approaches to art, architecture, and design practice; the manifestation of these disciplines as ontological practice; and a perception of architecture existing only in an inter-relation of built edifice, humans who frequent it, and a wider landscape.

Ajaykumar works as an academic at Goldsmiths, University of London; artist; furniture and garden designer for his own company, shapes-design. shapes-design engender gardens, furniture, and lighting that comes into ‘being’ through the manipulation and ’play’ of others.

shapes-design is exhibiting some of its works such as cute micro garden, at Imagination, Function, Production, The Study Gallery, Poole, UK, 19 March - 14 May 2005. This significant design exhibition ‘explores and celebrates the advancements in design excellence’. For details see: www.thestudygallery.org.

shapes-design is also creating luminescence - a garden of the night and day with the Peabody Trust, for one of its estates in London, in association with the Royal College of Art.

TrAIN is a joint research centre, of Chelsea and Camberwell Schools of Art, in the field of ‘transnational art, identity & nation’.
Director: Professor Toshio Watanabe
For more information contact: m.whyte@camberwell.arts.ac.uk