Randy Adams
Since 2002
Works in Nanaimo Canada

Randy Adams is a Canadian writer and visual artist. Author of the nonfiction book Eternal Prairie [http://www.bcbooks.com/eternalprairie.html], he has also published poetry and essays in several Canadian magazines. For 15 years he worked as an arts journalist and travel writer for various publications in his home town of Edmonton, Alberta. His photography and mixed media work has been exhibited and collected by public galleries, museums, and archives; he has been awarded several grants for both writing and photography. In 1997, after a year spent traveling in Asia Minor, he moved to the west coast of Canada and began working in digital arts. His work has been featured in several online publications. He has been an active member of the trAce community since 1999, and was the first writer/artist to be awarded a trAce Online Studio [http://trace.ntu.ac.uk/studio/radams]. He is presently Associate Editor of the trAce editoral team.