Randall Packer
Since the beginning
Works in Washington United States of America

Calling him "a man of great integrity, a man of great judgment and a man who knows the arts," President George W. Bush announced his decision to nominate Randall M. Packer to serve as Secretary of the United States Department of Art and Technology on November 12, 2001. Upon confirmation by the Senate, Packer pledged to renew the war on cultural poverty, reduce the incidence of a one-way exchange of information between an active agent and a passive recipient, and combat discrimination so no American feels outside the field of aesthetic inquiry of the contemporary media arts.

Packer began his career as a sound and media artist and founded Zakros InterArts, a nonprofit arts company originally established in San Francisco. His ability to work with artists of all disciplines prompted his colleagues in the nonpartisan interdisciplinary arts to collaborate on seminal productions of experimental and sometimes confrontational music-theatre. San Francisco Magazine rated him as 'a bright light on the new media horizon