Rafael Rozendaal
Since 2007
Works in United States of America

Rafaël Rozendaal

Born 1980 in Amsterdam.

Father Arie Rozendaal from the Netherlands.
Mother Heloisa Castello Branco from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Great grandfather Humberto Castello Branco, former president of Brazil.
Exhibited all over the world in galleries and museums,
makes installations with projections.
Makes websites as art pieces, pieces are sold with domain name,
work remains public, name of collector in title bar.
Collectors in France, Sweden, UK, Spain and Austria.
Lived in Amsterdam, Rio, Los Angeles, Paris, Tokyo, Portland and Berlin.
Lives and works on the internet.

Compression by Abstraction: A Conversation About Vectors

The following conversation was re-published with permission from the brand-new publication Spheres by Swiss graphic designer Philippe KarrerRafaël Rozendaal and Jürg Lehni discuss their shared interest in vector graphics, which are based on mathematically-defined geometrical entities such as lines, circles, and points, in contrast with more commonly used bitmap graphics, in which values are assigned to grids of pixels.

Rafaël Rozendaal: Vectors are based on mathematical equations. The equations are perfect. No matter how we try, we can never render a perfect circle in any medium. And even if we did, our imperfect eyes would not be able to register its perfection. Do we have to accept that such shapes can only exist in our mind?


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-R-G-B- (2008) - Joe Blaga

i made this piece! in 2000!!!


i never put it in a domain maybe i should...



When you go surfclubbin', don't forget your hat.

1. Do you know who Marcel Duchamp is?*

2. Do you know who Roland Barthes is?

3. Do either of them have any bearing on art practice?

4. Does an artist who uses a computer have to be able to "program" it?
no. i dont think theres any artist that can actually program. maybe
some artists can mess around a bit but i cant imagine an artist who
could really create great software.

5. Is a blog a multiple choice format?

6. Does a blog limit artistic expression?

7. Is "finding" enough or must one also "make?"
finding is ok sometimes

8. Which is more interesting, the network or the content on the network?
no difference

9. Is a scan of a photo of a painting on a blog "net art"?
there is no net art as there is no such thing as "art". categories are
useless and just created to guide people who lack taste and character

10. Which is better, blog pages that change every day or static, fixed pages?
fixed pages

11. Which is better, pages where new content is at the top or pages
where you have to hunt for the content?
center no scrolling very direct

12. Is speed a virtue on the Internet or is slowness a valid experience?
internet has its own rythm and i like fast

13. Broken links: cool or uncool?

14. Which is the best way to communicate--email ListServs or blog comments?
internet is not really a communication tool its good as an exhibition
space but you dont really exchange thoughts there

15. Is the design of a page more important or the content on the page?
there are no things such as inside or outside or shell and filling
every decision is a decision and has consequences

16. Are default templates unartistic?

17. Are computers good and are they helping us to be a better species?
too soon to tell, we will know in about 4000 years
but its hard to answer since i dont know what is good or better

18. Should every artwork question its own means of implementation?

19. Is an artwork an individual statement in space and time or could
it be cumulative?
there are no rules

20. When a group of artists agree on a set of conventions is that
significant or insignificant?
its great when artists get together and make an imaginary fence and
jump over it later