rachel lyra hospodar
Since 2009
Works in San Francisco United States of America

Rachel Lyra Hospodar has been making Things her whole life. Since moving to the Bay Area in 2003 she has worked in wood, metal, fabric, collage, electronics, video, performance, print, acrylic, wool, rubber, and a myriad of reclaimed garbagey scraps in as many different materials. She has used saws, sewing, motors, screws, felting, lasers, welding, carving, soldering, writing, emailing, and talking to make Things.

Her current projects are:

Medium Reality
A design and production company featuring a line of sustainable men's clothing made from recycled & reclaimed materials.

Pandora's Trunk
A fashion sale & performance event series featuring the groundbreaking Storytime Runway series, where the traditional runway format is exploded and reshaped into a narrative play.

Craft Con
A business development conference for the craft community, currently working on an open-source and open-license production format.