Rachel Greene
Since the beginning
Works in New York, Nebraska United States of America

Rhizome is friends and family for Rachel, who has been involved with the org. in one capacity or another since 1997 when it was rhizome.com!!
Rachel wrote a book on internet art for thames & hudson's well-known WORLD OF ART series: it was published in June 2004. She was a consultant and catalogue author for the 2004 Whitney Biennial. She has also written for publications including frieze, artforum, timeout and bomb.
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Fwd: review to post

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> From: Joseph Nechvatal <jnech@thing.net>
> Date: March 6, 2005 2:45:46 PM EST
> To: rachel@rhizome.org
> Subject: review to post
> Review of Palladio: a multi-media spectacle by Ben Neill and Bill
> Jones at Symphony Space
> by Joseph Nechvatal
> The backlash against the logocentric apparatus and corporate
> globalization has set in by now. It is well known that we live in an
> era where image is nearly everything and where the proliferation of
> unbearably intrusive brand names defines so-called culture.
> Palladio affirms this awareness through an infuriating and thus
> stimulating interactive movie/opera/rock concert/theatre spectacle by
> pioneer hybrid electro-acoustic composer Ben Neill (creator of
> fantastically meandering sounds which could go on forever) and digital
> media artist Bill Jones that was performed at Symphony Space March 4th
> and 5th. It is a multi-layered DJ/VJ culture jamming adaptation of
> Jonathan Dee's book Palladio which immerses us in the indistinct
> question: "In a world where the line between culture and commerce is
> increasingly blurred, can you really sell out anymore?"
> The visual form here was created by Jones's interactive computer video
> component, projected and mixed live onto a movie theater screen, which
> included commercial samples seamlessly merging with live-action
> footage as the lead characters - played by Cort Garretson (a
> charismatic composer/performer who never buys into the notion that all
> is retrograde orthodoxy), the hauntingly beautiful and immensely
> intriguing Zoe Lister-Jones (her character makes many insightful
> points) and Mikel Rouse (who convincingly plays a jack-ass advertising
> creative director who


Fwd: [oldboys] FW: 'love is the devil' on MARS

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> Subject: [oldboys] FW: 'love is the devil' on MARS
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> \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
> "... because the devil is from Mars."
> Love is the devil
> by Krista Beinstein
> Teleportation: Monday, March 7, 2005 9:00 a.m. (GMT)
> \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
> Don't miss it and go:
> http://www.mars-patent.org
> click the 'new' button...
> The first interplanetarian exhibition site on Mars
> founded by Helene von Oldenburg and Claudia Reiche
> You are invited: send your things to the Mars Patent -
> Attention, female names only!
> mail to:
> office@mars-patent.org
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Fwd: Wearable Futures: Call for Abstracts Deadline 14th March

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> From: Helen Sloan <helen@scansite.org>
> Date: March 7, 2005 8:20:25 AM EST
> To: Helen Sloan <helen@scansite.org>
> Subject: Wearable Futures: Call for Abstracts Deadline 14th March
> Apologies for cross-posting
> Wearable Futures: Hybrid Culture in the Design and Development of Soft
> Technology
> An Event organised by Smart Clothes Wearable Technology Research Group,
> University of Wales, Newport and PDR, University of Wales Institute
> Cardiff
> in association with SCAN (Southern Collaborative Arts Network)
> 14 - 16 September 2005, University of Wales, Newport, WALES, UK
> Keynotes:
> Suzanne Lee, Senior Research Fellow at Central Saint Martins, Fashion
> Consultant and author of Fashioning the Future pub Thames and Hudson
> Sept
> 2005
> Joanna Berzowska, Artist and Assistant Professor of Design and
> Computation
> Arts at Concordia University in Montreal
> Sarah E. Braddock Clarke, Lecturer, Curator and Writer. Co Author of
> Techno
> Textiles, SportsTech and Techno Textiles2 pub 2005
> Chris Baber University of Birmingham, Reader in Interactive Systems
> Deadline for Abstracts: 14th March 2005
> This two day International conference will aim to contextualise the
> future
> potential of Wearable Technologies in a variety of fields ranging from
> military application to fine art.
> Wearable Futures is an interdisciplinary conference, which aims to
> bring
> together practitioners, inventors, and theorists in the field of soft
> technology and wearables including those concerned with fashion,
> textiles,
> sportswear, interaction design, media and live arts, medical textiles,
> wellness, perception and psychology, IPR, polymer science,
> nanotechnology,
> military, and other relevant research strands.
> We will be examining how some broad generic questions will be explored
> in
> relation to wearable technology including but not restricted to:
> aesthetics
> and design, function and durability versus market forces; the desires,
> needs and realities of wearable technologies; technology and culture;
> simplicity and sustainability; design for wearability; wearables as
> theatre
> and wearables as emotional 'tools'.
> Key fundamental questions across the conference in relation to
> wearables
> are:
> What is out there?
> Who wants it?
> What do they want?
> How is it achieved?
> Please submit an abstract of no more than 400 words in a Word document
> format by: 14th March 2005 to: hannah.topping@newport.ac.uk
> For further information please refer to the conference website:
> http://artschool.newport.ac.uk/smartclothes
> Abstracts and full papers will be peer reviewed and if accepted
> published
> in the Conference Proceedings. A selection from the full papers will
> also
> be considered for publication in a themed addition of the international
> journal 'A.I. & Society' (SPRINGER)
> Abstracts may be offered as long papers (30 minutes includes
> questions),
> short papers (20 minutes includes questions) or for poster
> presentations.
> Poster presentations are particularly welcomed from postgraduate
> students.
> NB: Please note final submission for full papers has been changed to
> 6th
> June 2005
> Committee currently includes:
> Chris Baber, Reader, University of Birmingham
> Joanna Berzowska, Assistant Professor, University in Montreal
> Sarah E. Braddock Clarke, Author & Lecturer
> Julia Cassim, Helen Hamlyn Research Centre, Royal College of Art
> Andrew Chetty, Arts Consultant
> Carole Collet, Director Textile Futures, Central Saint Martins College
> of
> Art and Design
> Joan Farrer, Reader, Royal college of Art
> Frances Geesin, Research Fellow, London College of Fashion
> Rory Hamilton, Interactive Design, Royal college of Art
> Jane Harris, Senior Research Fellow, Central Saint Martins College of
> Art
> and Design
> Ros Hibbert, Textile Consultant
> Suzanne Lee, Senior Research Fellow, Central Saint Martins College of
> Art
> and Design
> Alan Lewis, Director of Research, University of Wales Institute
> Cardiff
> Jane McCann, Researcher, University of Wales, Newport
> Stephen Scrivener, Research Professor, Central Saint Martins College
> of
> Art and Design
> Mick Siddons, Consultant, CR8ive Solutions Ltd
> Helen Sloan, Director, SCAN
> David Smith, Reader, University of Wales, Newport


McCoys Win Wired Rave Award

I just read on MTEWW's blog that Jenn and Kevin won this award from
WIRED. It's called the WIRED Rave award. Congrats from everyone at


Jennifer & Kevin McCoy
for turning media crit into pop art

Latest hit: Soft Rains, a collection of miniature film sets used to
deconstruct genres like '50s melodrama and '80s slasher flicks. Feeds
from 50 videocams are channeled through software that edits them into
ever-changing vignettes.

Dada meets data: The McCoys' MO is to compile thousands of film clips - =

from footage they've shot to snippets snagged from Looney Tunes
cartoons and TV shows like Starsky and Hutch - break them down into
categories, then create short films straight from their databases.
"Instead of looking at point, line, and plane - classic Bauhaus design =

- we're using popular culture," says Jennifer, 36.

Jargon watch: The McCoys turned corporate-speak into an art form with =

1999's Airworld. They set up office on the 91st floor of Tower One at
the World Trade Center and wrote a Web crawler to harvest marketing
language from the sites of big companies to show the absurdity and
familiarity of their jargon.

Amazing stories: The McCoys often rely on daily life and sci-fi motifs =

to spark creativity. For Soft Rains, they turned to Ray Bradbury's
short story "There Will Come Soft Rains" and its theme of total
automation. They've tapped Philip K. Dick's Valis to devise a talking
elevator and the original Star Trek series for their latest project, I =

Number the Stars, in which they plan to catalog all the technological
activities aboard the Enterprise.

Next: The British Film Institute commissioned the pair to create an
electronic sculpture exploring how the media affects people's lives.
With this project, they'll turn the lens on themselves. "It's very
abject to include ourselves," says Kevin, 38. "Like little voodoo
dolls." - Laura Moorhead

The other nominees



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> From: institute of distinctive engineering <bonzo@signifikat.de>
> Date: February 21, 2005 5:47:10 AM EST
> To: syndicate@anart.no, thing-frankfurt@yahoogroups.de
> NETZWISSENSCHAFT is a sensitive love-story with one extra-ordinary way
> of thinking. it is dedicated to dr. reinhold grether from konstanz,
> germany, who disappeared several years before jorgen sparwasser and
> draschan thomas had the unique opportunity to capture the picture of
> his strange, doggy world.
> http://subjektivation.de/netzwissenschaft.mov
> please enjoy, and hopefully promote this little piece of art of a
> little piece of shit for a little peace on earth.
> thank you very much.
> read more:
> http://www.no-org.net/texts.php
> comments:
> dr. grether's aural representative would like to thank all the net
> scientists around the world and the many conspirators who have
> contributed to this evolving parascientific indifferance.
> please post a comment.