Rachel Greene
Since the beginning
Works in New York, Nebraska United States of America

Rhizome is friends and family for Rachel, who has been involved with the org. in one capacity or another since 1997 when it was rhizome.com!!
Rachel wrote a book on internet art for thames & hudson's well-known WORLD OF ART series: it was published in June 2004. She was a consultant and catalogue author for the 2004 Whitney Biennial. She has also written for publications including frieze, artforum, timeout and bomb.
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Fwd: [oldboys] CFP: DO NOT EXIST, Europe, woman, digital medium

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> Subject: [oldboys] CFP: DO NOT EXIST, Europe, woman, digital medium
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> thealit Frauen.Kulur.Labor Bremen
> (Germany)
> deadline: june 23 2005
> #First Announcment and Call for Contributions to a transdisciplinary
> European Project:
> 'do not exist :
> Europe, Woman And The Digital Medium


Fwd: MFA Integrated Media Arts Exhibition

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> From: Alice Arnold <alice@a2photo.com>
> Date: May 2, 2005 7:02:25 AM EDT
> To: Alice Arnold <a2studio@gmail.com>
> Subject: MFA Integrated Media Arts Exhibition
> The MFA Integrated Media Arts Spring Exhibition
> One Night Only
> May 6th 2005, 6:30-10:00pm
> The Blackbox, Hunter North Room 543
> 695 Park Avenue (between 68th & 69th)
> New York, NY 10021
> http://fm.hunter.cuny.edu/grad_home.shtml


Rhizome Names Lauren Cornell as Executive Director


Rhizome.org Names Lauren Cornell as Executive Director

NEW YORK, NY, April 28, 2005 - Rhizome.org, the leading online resource
for new media art, today announced that it has named Lauren Cornell as
its next Executive Director, effective May 2. Cornell has strong
management, fund-raising and curatorial experience in the media arts.
She will replace Rachel Greene, who has been Executive Director since
2003 and with the organization since 1997.

Under Greene's leadership, Rhizome transitioned into residence at the
New Museum of Contemporary Art, expanded the breadth of its
constituency through a host of new programs and organized exhibitions
on- and off-line. In collaboration with the Rhizome staff, Greene has
developed new usability plans for Rhizome which Cornell will implement
in the near future.

Cornell previously served as Executive Director of Ocularis, a
nonprofit media arts organization in New York. She has curated
exhibitions and screenings at venues throughout New York and
internationally and has written about contemporary art and emerging
technologies for a wide range of publications, including Rhizome.
According to Rhizome Chairman Mark Tribe, "Lauren Cornell is a capable
leader with a deep commitment to new media art. She has the skills,
energy and vision to lead Rhizome into the future."

As Executive Director, Cornell will be responsible for overseeing and
growing all aspects of the organization, and will report to Rhizome's
Board of Directors. "I have long admired Rhizome and have enjoyed
getting to know the organization better as a contributing writer over
the past year," Cornell said. "I am thrilled to work more closely with
the staff and board as well as the network of individuals who make
Rhizome such an exciting and vital resource."

About Rhizome.org

Rhizome.org is an online platform for the global new media art
community. Our programs support the creation, presentation, discussion
and preservation of contemporary art that uses new technologies in
significant ways. We foster innovation and inclusiveness in everything
we do. Rhizome.org takes its name from the botanical term for an
underground stem that connects plants into living networks, a metaphor
for the organization's non-hierarchical structure. Widely considered to
be the world's leading online resource for and about new media artists
and their work, Rhizome.org connects, supports, and educates the new
media art community through a wide range of on- and offline programs.

Rachel Greene
Executive Director
210 11th Avenue, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10001

Email: rachel@rhizome.org
Tel: (212) 219-1288 x208
Fax: 212.431.5328

URL: http://rhizome.org


A Goodbye of Sorts

To Everyone in the Rhizome Community,

As the Executive Director of Rhizome for almost the last two years, I
have been privileged to work with a very talented core staff in an
environment -- the New Museum -- that has doubly inspired me. The
people I work with make art and artists their number one priority and I
hope you are all as proud of their commitment as I am. I have met so
many terrific Rhizome members and enthusiasts; it has been almost ten
years of seeing mind-blowing art and being part of an emerging new
lifestyle and art scene. It has been a real pleasure.

I am writing to announce that I will be stepping down as Executive
Director in the few weeks to develop some individual projects before
starting a family. There will be a new model for Rhizome usability
announced soon, and I have worked hard over the last year to make it
practical and scalable. The fine points are still being finalized, but
keep your eyes peeled for a more open community system coming soon!

I will leave Rhizome in very capable hands, in fact, in the hands of my
friend and colleague Lauren Cornell. I always admired and saved all of
Lauren's press releases for Ocularis -- a cinema/video organization she
put on the cultural map here in NYC -- and I always hoped we could
lure her here to work with Francis Hwang, Kevin McGarry, and me. We
succeeded. As this is a public annoucement, I want to thank the
amazing, professional and supportive Board of Rhizome as well as all
the Trustees of the New Museum. Rhizome's Board -- Saul Dennison, Bob
Wyman, Paul Schnell, Chris Vroom, David Ross, Mark Tribe, Lisa Roumell
and Lisa Phillips -- a deep bow for giving Rhizome safe haven when we
needed it most. We would have been lost without you.

Most of all, thank you to all the individuals who continue to make
Rhizome relevant and meaningful by sharing their ideas, art work, and
with their support.

See you soon I hope, online or off. I will be around at Rhizome events
of course!


Rachel Greene

Rachel Greene
Executive Director, Rhizome.org
Adjunct Curator
New Museum of Contemporary Art
210 Eleventh Ave, NYC, NY 10001

tel. 212.219.1222 X 208
fax. 212.431.5328
ema. rachel@rhizome.org


Fwd: CRISIS - commissions & residencies at ISIS Arts - web & project launch

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> From: Michelle Hirschhorn <michelle@isisarts.org.uk>
> Date: April 27, 2005 7:34:45 AM EDT
> To: Michelle Hirschhorn <michelle@isisarts.org.uk>
> Subject: CRISIS - commissions & residencies at ISIS Arts - web &
> project launch
> Commissions and Residencies at ISIS
> http://www.isisarts.org.uk/crisis
> ISIS Arts is pleased to announce the launch of the CRISIS website,
> showcasing 6 new web and moving image works by laurie halsey brown,
> Rob Kennedy, Manu Luksch, Sophia New, Spencer Roberts & Anneke
> Pettican, and Miranda Whall. Also featuring documentation from recent
> artist/curator joint residencies with Sarah Cook & Saul Albert and
> Ange Taggart, Chris Graham & amino (Ben Ponton and Lee Callaghan).
> ***For those of you in Newcastle, please join us from 5 - 7pm at ISIS
> Arts for drinks & nibbles to celebrate***
> CRISIS is a programme of new media commissions and residencies at ISIS
> Arts. Launched in 2004, the pilot programme combined a series of
> production-based and discursive activities that brought together
> artists, curators and technical resource. CRISIS supported the process
> of artistic production and the engagement with ideas surrounding
> interdisciplinary collaboration and creative possibilities.
> The programme sought to increase the ways that artists engaged with
> the organisation in its new city centre premises, as previously, much
> of the programme was delivered away from base.
> CRISIS was centred around the process of production - the concepts
> and activities that take place between the spark of an idea and the
> finished art product. This complimented the other strands of ISIS'
> programming (new media training, mentoring, arts in education,
> residencies) and lack of exhibition space. Another integral aspect
> included peer to peer training and exchange between regional, national
> and international participants, as a way of sharing skills and
> facilitating new partnerships.
> The 12 month programme included 6 small commissions and short
> residencies, 2 two-month joint artist and curator residencies, 3
> evening networking events at ISIS and 2 presentation events hosted for
> visiting international artists. CRISIS was supported by the Arts
> Council England, North East and Newcastle City Council.
> Programme curated by Michelle Hirschhorn
> ISIS Arts
> First floor
> 5, Charlotte Square
> Newcastle upon Tyne
> NE1 4XF
> t: 44 191 261 4407
> e: isis@isisarts.org.uk