Qian li
Since 2008
Works in Cleveland, Ohio United States of America

Ohio Art Council 2008 Individual Excellence Award winner Qian Li is has been recognized for her unique style and diverse techniques. Born and raised in China where she was educated at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, the artist adapting its principles to more purely abstract, minimalist-influences works. She earned her MFA in 2003 at Umass Dartmouth where she embraced digital processes to her art work added a global sheen to processes and a philosophy deeply rooted in ancient idioms.

Qian is fascinated with cutting edge technology and has worked in a variety of media including video, digital photography, interactive art installation, 3D/2D animation, web and print. Her video work was recently shown at 12th International Video Festival Videomedeja, Studio M, Serbia; “Transhift08”, a time-based new media art festival in Knoxville, Tennessee; SIGGRAPH 2008 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, CA; “Kinetic Image” at the Target Gallery in Alexandria, VA; the 2007 International Video Festival in Indonesia; the 2007 Electronic Language International Festival’s eight edition in Brazil; the 5th International Symposium of Interactive Media Design in Turkey; and 2008 Ingenuity Festival in Cleveland, Ohio.