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Since 2009
Works in Yogyakarta Indonesia

A. A brief history of the tea theater establishment yogyakarta indonesian.

Several people gathered at the south Duchy discussed many issues related to theater arts and culture while drinking tea. In the discussion process we found many shortcomings of the role of art and lots of performances carried out only by the community or peoples who had - that's another plus with the lack of references to the role of art in this country. This triggered us to come up with the idea of forming a new community engaged in the performing arts theater and how the documents are not just pointing the documentation and video images but also documentation and a written research that can be learned by others.
On 14 November 2008 the community incorporated as jogjakarta Tea Theater. The name was chosen because in addition to the tea to be a friend of our discussion of tea also has a philosophical meaning for us. Tea can be in URLs as a plant of the most in search of people - men and tea are also not distinguish social background, religion, color, and gender in addition it also symbolizes togetherness tea, hospitality, traditions and culture. Tea became symbol for us to always keep grounded in humanism, respect, traditions and culture.
Finding and Developing the performing arts and culture through the performing arts theater and performance assessment by conducting research related to the performing arts.
- As a place for members to work their ideas, feelings of desire in accordance with the principles and breath of the organization.

- Preserving and developing national cultural art noble in Indonesian.

- Cultivate a sense of familiarity and shared responsibility.

- Develop research that is useful for the development of theater art, especially art.
-The performing arts education