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A public space is a place where anyone has a right to come without being excluded because of economic or social conditions

The Public Spaces Net Label is a place where artists can express themselves and where listeners all over the world can share that vision.

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Tue Sep 23, 2008 00:00 - Tue Sep 23, 2008


Beats Play Free (BPF) is an informal platform for promotion of free and free-of-charge music, published according to Creative Commons licences. It started out as a blog, and then evolved into cheerful night events with DJ sets and live acts at different locations in Portugal; it has created a podcast - still in an intermittent phase - and is now making its debut in the release of music compilations.

BPF is also a reunion of several people, from national netlabel creators to musicians and producers, amongst radio broadcasters, bloggers and free-music activists. Different people with different stories and a broad variety of tastes and interests, coming together under a single cause: free music.

On a regular basis, following the four seasons of the year (Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer), BPF will release a compilation assembling the music choices of its members.

The name of each release will always be of the corresponding season, every time in a different language. This first compilation is titled осень (the Russian word for Fall).

"осень" compiles 19 suggestions ranging from older, and somewhat "historic", themes up to some new tracks, fresh out the oven, from electronica to rock, through indietronica, experimental or dub, not only from Portuguese netlabels but also from netlabels around the world. It includes songs and instrumental pieces, as well as local and foreign artists. And it even includes two unreleased tracks.

"осень" reflects the members of this platform’s diversity of experiences and plurality of tastes. In “осень” one can still feel some warm sun, but some raindrops are falling down; one can already feel a chilly wind blowing, ripping the leaves off the trees; it still wears cotton, but it goes around with wool around the neck; it is still colourful, but the shades of grey are settling in. And many of the sound landscapes we will encounter here already carry the melancholic spirit befitting this time of the year, when days become shorter and nights grow long.

Welcome to "Осень"! We truly hope you enjoy it!


[PS004] QuarterBit - Kyoto Series

Sat Sep 20, 2008 00:00 - Sat Sep 20, 2008

We, at PublicSpaces, proudly announce our fourth release.

The “Kyoto Series” project started when QuarterBit stumbled upon the blog of the designer Pedro Monteiro [] and saw what this designer had done with information available on the public domain about the Kyoto Protocol.

Using the high-resolution files, QuarterBit transformed them, using a self developed databending software, into wav files and then, using another self developed software, transformed those wav files into midi information.

Afterwards QuarterBit worked on the resulting files, data mined the sonic information contained on them and the result is here for us all to enjoy. From the harshness of “Carbon Frontiers” to the dub sound in “beyond Kyoto Protocol” this release is a must have.


TODAY - Mobile Application

Hi Sofia,
I find the concept quite interesting and I have already installed it on my N80 and the installation went smoothly [as expected]. I will upload some of the results when they become available.
It would be interesting to do something with sound as well... are you considering it?
Cheers, see you around Bairro Alto
Fernando aka Katsumoto