Prototype Committee is an art and technology collective working predominantly in new and interactive media. This creative collaboration was founded by Alasdair Swenson and Rob Dunne in 2008.

Our aims are twofold. Firstly to create artworks right at the fore of technological boundaries with mediums that are challenging, exciting and engaging. These works are fundamentally concept driven and strive to inspire, intrigue, dumbfound and even disturb – like any good art should.

Secondly we seek to provide effective solutions to a wide range of commercial, public and scientific problems utilising current research and advances in control systems engineering, artificial intelligence, sensor technology and computer systems. On this latter point, we actively take advantage of recent developments in the low cost and wide availability of high performance computing and electronics components that have come about in the last ten years. This enables us to build complex systems both quickly and relatively inexpensively, with off-the-shelf parts.

The strength in our work, and research and development process derives from our backgrounds in the creative arts fields, giving us a broad range of skills and experience, coupled with a creative problem solving and generative idea methodology.

The final objective of Prototype Committee is to bring Skynet, and therefore The Terminator, into existence. All projects up until that point are testbeds for vital components in this quest.

If you would like further information about Prototype Committee, or are interested in working with us, please use the contact form or call +447904 629 113.


Prototype Committee