pol williams
Since 2002
Works in Toronto Canada

Canadian art boy. Hosts speaker events, video nights and runs an art mag. Always looking for new talent... www.hiveprojects.com
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call for self portraits

Wed Oct 30, 2002 01:00

Hive Magazine is looking for self portraits for the winter issue: the limited edition issue 00. Submission dealine: Nov 6, 2002. Send in images at 300 dpi no larger than 4"x4", 300 dpi jpgs acceptable, but zipped tiff's preferred. Email images to info@hivezine.com. For more info on contributing images, reviews or other written material, check out www.hivezine.com . . .


Hive Magazine call for submissions: deadline Oct 14th

Wed Oct 02, 2002 01:00

LAST CHANCE TO SEND WORK TO HIVE MAGAZINE, for Issue 00: the construction issue
Deadline for written work is 5pm, Monday, October 14th.

The limited edition print of Hive Magazine, Issue 00 will be available in December. We are looking for insightful essays and articles reflecting on the theme of CONSTRUCTION, in relationship to Canadian visual art, music and arts culture.

Issue 00 will be a bagged special edition before we launch our full print run of Issue 1 in the Spring. Texts, photo essays and illustration work are all eligible content, so email us at editor@hivezine.com with what you have in mind. For more on Hive Magazine go to: www.hivezine.com


-Self-portraiture: the constructed self (also: send in your self portraits!)
-Photography: the setup photo vs. the "natural" one, possibly referencing Jeff Wall.
-Canadian music practices and the structures within the industry, such as Much Music or HMV
-Bad porn, good porn, art
-The end of punk: how noise music is as punk as it gets: talk to labels such as alien8 (Montreal) and their artists
-Where do the boundaries of performance art blur with dance?
-Take a look at indie music in a select province or city, or discuss new music movements and how it is changing Canada.
-Canadian identity constructed through culture, (language, ethnicity, trend, styles, influences)
-Do Western social constructs re-inforce racism in Canada? Is there an good way of eradicating racism without erasing cultural identities?
-The biogenetic influence on art, and building the perfect work. (ie. Eduardo Kac). How this bio-tech influences art as well as food and vice versa
-David Cronenberg, his obsessions with the body and the posthuman idea...
-"Censors tend to do what only psychotics do... they confuse reality with illusion." (David Cronenberg). Censorship in Canada, how it was created and who maintains it
-Building a collection of Canadian art


email us: editor@hivezine.com


Hive Magazine This Friday...

Hive Projects presents the Fundraising Party for Hive Magazine Issue 0: now available at www.hivezine.com

This Friday:::
DJ's, Prizes, Video work and more...
8pm - 2am at Luft Gallery 1192 Queen Street West, Toronto

also check out submissions and contribution information:


looking for some kickass net artists & writers...

Wed Aug 21, 2002 01:00

We're putting together a new Canadian arts magazine called HIVE, which will include articles and reviews on new media projects. We are looking for new media/net writers and artists who have some Canadian association, are writing about Canadian artists or have something to do with Canadian/North American interests.

contact editor@hivezine.com with your name, a bit of relevant background info/bio (ie. Canadian association/interest), and any relevant URLs.

please contact editor@hivezine.com to propose a writing idea for articles, essays, reviews or columns. Proposals shouldn't be more than a paragraph or two, and the writing style can be relaxed yet still well informed.