Ivar Zeile
Works in Denver, Colorado United States of America

Ivar Zeile is the creative director and lead curator for Denver Digerati and the Denver Theatre District's broader arts initiative. Denver Digerati is a unique platform intended to nurture and bring leading advances in motion-based artwork to Denver’s public through state of the art LED screens located in some of the most prominent locations downtown. Zeile is also the owner and director of Plus Gallery, Denver's most reputable progressive contemporary art gallery operating independently since 2001. Zeile's history outside of the gallery involves intense concentration in film and cinematic presentation including ten years with the Sundance Film Festival as traffic and presentation manager, as well as receiving the commission to produce and direct the identity trailer series for the 1999 festival. He has been involved with the Denver Film Society for the last decade as a patron, writer, and festival screener. Through Plus Gallery Zeile has established an ongoing experimental program that includes video, music and performance projects that have included renowned artists from around the country.