When it comes to professional equipment there is usually an issue with transport as the equipment may be heavy and also it can be delicate. The ideal solution for professionals on the move are plastic cases with bespoke foam inserts which fit around the instruments . Plastic is a light material and foam absorbs a majority of bashes, even saving the equipment if it is dropped. <a href="">Plastic cases</a> come in many sizes from personal hand held cases to large stacking plastic boxes.

If you need a durable, watertight and impact resistant storage case then you should look at the large range of storm cases at Gard Plasticases. A <a href="">storm case</a> is like a normal plastic case with foam padding but extra features allow it to be used in extreme conditions such as military use. The locking mechanism and rubber seals makes sure that even when dropped in water these cases are watertight and anything inside stays dry. HPXTM resin coats these storm cases protecting them from impacts and extreme temperatures such as air-cargo or hot/cold climates.