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judsoN = computer artist for shows internationally on stages, galleries and the web, and the Artistic Director of Plasma Studii, a non-profit arts organization in New York. His goal is to use technology as a tool to fuse arbitrary distinctions in art, such as dance and sculpture, color and sound frequencies, stages and web sites. His live interactive pieces appear in such venues as plays in circus tents across Europe, installations for places like the Arts Council of Mildura, Australia, on web sites at ISCAM (in Istanbul) and cTheory for Cornell University (twice). His artwork published in books (US, Europe, South America) and on CD-Roms worldwide. Studied choreography under Doug Elkins, music composition with a student of Stockhausen.
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Re: Re: RHIZOME_RARE words like

> > I don't think so ...
>I've lost the plot...???

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Re: RHIZOME_RAW: SonicBlue ordered to track ReplayTV users

>SonicBlue ordered to track ReplayTV users' viewing choices
>By Dawn C. Chmielewski
>Mercury News

>Central District Court Magistrate Charles F. Eick told SonicBlue to
>gather ``all available information'' about how consumers use the
>Santa Clara company's latest generation ReplayTV 4000 video
>recorders, and turn the information over to the film studios and
>television networks suing it for contributing to copyright

> The magistrate, who is supervising discovery, ordered the company
>to write software in the next 60 days that would record every
>``click'' from every customer's remote control.

sounds unbelievably uptight. But there's an easy solution. "Fine
but the judge has to sit and read the entire transcript".

Let the public get their hands on movies and some will copy them. oo
too bad. Warner Brothers (et al.) loses. Well, I guess they will
just close up shop now, right?

Bad Western philosophy as applied to economics. Money goes wherever
it is interested. It's like a cat. Money is not a set sized lump,
cut up like a pie chart (as people generally assume). Money (and
EVERY kind of opportunity) are like radioactivity. They grow
exponentially according to their proximity to other radioactivity.

If movie distributors lose money because of copying, it is a function
that the distribution process doesn't still work within the current
environment. Trying to monitor people (potential THIEVES) is so
indirectly related it's silly. If these distributors go belly up,
the problem is far more fundamental than they can prevent. But more
likely there won't be much effect.

Still, I like imagining that judge reading a transcript of every
click from a remote control in Southern California.