Phoebe Legere
Since 2003
Works in New York City United States of America

BIOGRAPHY PHOEBE HEMENWAY LEGERE Composer, Multi - Instrumentalist, Performance Artist Phoebe Legere is an interdisciplinary performer who uses visual art to illuminate and intensify her primary art form: MUSIC. She is the inventor of a revolutionary art form called Total Art Synthesis: TAS is post - performance art. TAS uses many characters and explores the reciprocal relationships between the arts. Legere's work encompasses social, environmental, technological, artistic and spiritual issues. Critics have called her "a genius". As a performer, Phoebe Legere has been critically ranked with Edith Piaf, Maria Callas, and Cathy Berberian. One of Legere's most monumental works was called Hello Mrs. President, a TAS musical about the first female president of color. HMP was presented at the Theater for the New City in 1993. In the Twilight of a Dying Civilization was an autobiographical TAS presented at the Fringe Festival. Legere, always at the extreme frontier edge of art and music, has now extended her range, applying her wildly imaginative form of cultural exploration to the medium of opera. In 2001 Legere received a commission from Roulette Intermedium to develop an experimental multimedia opera. called The Queen of New England (NYSCA) The work was performed as a concert reading with multimedia on May 12 , 2001. A full scale version of the opera will be presented by South Florida University at the Tampa Opera House. Legere has presented over 20 performance pieces nationally & internationally. She has often used distinguished and brilliantly talented performers in her Total Art Syntheses: Hunter Thompson, LaVerne Baker, Jack Smith, Ethyl Eichelberger, Carmelita Tropican, Ela Troyano, Larry Rivers, John Ashbery,Dennis Charles, Peter Beard, Nile Southern, Terry Southern, Penny Arcade, Don Cherry, Billy Bang, Jim Staley, and Ikue Morie. Legere has become increasingly involved with video, because it is an almost perfect medium for blending sound, image, narrative, and social commentary.

Her movie The Marquis De Slime, a parable about a female wrestler with supernatural powers, won the Fenac Award for short film at Cannes, and has recently been shown on Canal Plus in France. This film, written by and starring Legere in French, and utilizing Legere's all female band, The Four Nurses of the Apocalypse, was shown at International Short Film Festivals.
Phoebe Legere's recent work focuses primarily on Native American subjects. She uses Native American performative ritual to help her reflect on recent developments in technology and science. An example of this is her recent work the Common Root of All Organisms. Building on the composite symbiogenesis theory of Lynn Margulis, Legere shows how all humans and all forms of life descended from a common ancestor. Phoebe Legere is always seeking the common root in every endeavor. Her most recent film, All My Relations: Tibet was filmed while she was on a Nature Conservancy expedition in a very remote part of Tibet. She was trekking with a team of Chinese and American scientists. Legere, as official ethnomusicologist, was researching the parallels between the music of her tribe, the Penobscot of Maine, and the music of the Tibetan people.Her most recent film "In Darwin's Footsteps" has been added to the permanent collection at the Charles Darwin Research Station in Puerta Ayora Galapagos, Ecuador.

In 2001 Phoebe Legere performed the Waterclown with the Cleveland Chamber Symphony under the direction of Ed London in 2000. The Waterclown was developed with Morgan Powell. This work, about the formative movements of fluid, was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. Powell and Legere will be performing their new work The Common Root of All Organisms Dec. 9, 2002 with the Cleveland Chamber Symphony. Other upcoming appearances include Brooklyn Academy of Music Cafe, the Chicago Cultural Center, and a teaching/performance residency at Mass Moca. Legere is a Ragdale Fellow. She has made five CD