Phillip Pietruschka
Since the beginning
Works in Melbourne Australia

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Phillip is 20
Currently in 3rd Yr studying Media Arts @ RMIT, Melbourne with Philip Brophy & Philip Samartzis.

Primarily interests lie in electro-acoustic music, sound design [for film, video, theatre], pop music, and cycling.

[in]Significant works of late include:

A composition titled '840.23' is being presented as part of the Varible Resistance show at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Curated by Phil Samartzis. Compositions by Denki Jam [Cailan Burns, Mark Harwood, Phillip Pietruschka, Cornel Wilczek, Ai Yamamoto] and Laminae [Matt Davis, Phillip Pietruschka] are also in the programme.

Sound design & Installation for 'Bathory' by Theatre in Decay. Performed at La Mama, Melbourne July 10-14, 2002

Co-Sound Design with Cornel Wilczek [AKA Qua] for 'Play With Me' by Van Sowerwine. An Interactive Video Installation, installed at the Centre for Contempory Photography [Johnston st, Melbourne] as part of the Next Wave Festival 2002.

Collaborated in 'Field' a group sound-installation featuring members of RMIT's tRansMIT sound collective. Installed at Bus Gallery [Lt Lonsdale St, Melbourne] as part of the Next Wave Festival 2002.

Curated 'Parity' a 2 part radio show featuring short music by 19 local composers. Comissioned & Presented as part of the 2001 Noise youth arts Festival.

Sound featured on compilations:
Document 03 : Diffuse [Dorobo Limited Editions]
Phonography #2 []
Phonography #3 []
Liquid_lounge compilation cd, presented @ Liquid Archtecture 3

Performances solo, as part of Denki Jam, and Soba[Sam Acres, Marc & Marty Hiatt, Phillip Pietruschka] from time to time including gigs at liquid architecture 2, the make it up club, reduced to bits, & Mash.