Philippe Baudelot
Since 2003
Works in United States of America

Semiologist, multimedia consultant and journalist, Philippe Baudelot has worked since 1973 in the sector of the new technologies of information and the communication as the director of the development of the Society of European Video Edition (SEVE), one of the first companies of video production having existed in France. From 1977 to 1983, he taught media communications in the University Paris XII. At the same time, he is a media specialized journalist and research manager. He participated in the " free radios " adventure. In 1983, he became director of the development of the press agency Gamma Television, in charge of a project for a channel of continuous information associating the Gamma Agency, the AFP and ³Le Monde².

In 1987, he joined the ICS (Intercultralities and Semiotics) company as director of the department of media. There he realized several studies for the French Ministry for the Arts and Communications, national and local television channels and audiovisual producers. In 1992, he became an independent consultant. As such, he worked as consultant and director of research for the Club of Investment Media (an European Media 95 program in charge of the development of the digital and interactive contents), for the Association of the Mayors of Big Cities of France (studies on the development of the information and communication technologies in the city). He also realized studies for the French Ministry of Education, INA, France 3...

In 1996, he created the colloquium Interactive Television and Multimedia ( ITVM). This colloquium was organized in partnership with the INA-Imagina then with the CST. In 1998, he conceived the multimedia sector of Monaco Dance Forum of which he is a project manager for digital dance since 2001. He is lecturer on the digital Arts and the digital dance at the University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis (Departments ACL and Dance). As journalist, he writes for numerous professional magazines inlcuding the Film Français, Antennes, Spectacle Info, Broadcast.

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call for multimedia choreographic projects and digital tools

Wed Jan 21, 2004 00:00

Monaco Dance Forum 2004, which will take place at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco from December 14th to 18th is a unique and multidisciplinary event devoted to the dance world in the broad sense. The multimedia sector of Monaco Dance Forum 2004 is notably intended to reflect the concrete reality of professional concerns and current experimentations in dance in the world of digital arts and multimedia, but also to boost initiatives and to place them in an economic perspective. It is organized around the following points:
a)A worldwide call for multimedia choreographic projects and digital tools
c)Live performances;
d)Workshops, seminars and conferences allowing artists, theorists, computer specialists and media representatives to speak about their experiences and to reflect on the artistic and professional perspectives of this area.

The third Monaco Dance Forum's call for multimedia projects is launched among choreographers, scenographers, computer graphic artists and multimedia authors for three types of project:
1) Softwares :
- Notation, help to the creation and to the writing,
- Modelling of the body and the costumes,
- Scenography,
- Interactive systems,
- Music and sound,

2) Live performances :
- Interactive works,
- Digital choreography,
- Dance and video,
- Net choreography

3 ) Choreographic installations :
- Video installations,
- Interactive installations,
- Scenographic installations,
- Net choreography,

This call for projects is not a competition but an enhancement of the multimedia works and the digital choreographic production such as it exists today towards the public and the professionals. It gives the creators an opportunity to present and promote their works. It is launched to professionals as well as students.
The candidates must present either a project not yet begun, or a work in progress, or a lay out. The projects must be new and unpublished and must have never been presented in Monaco Dance Forum.
The projects must be submitted to Monaco Dance Forum by 2004 May 31st at the latest. An international jury will select the 40 best projects. These projects will be held on the basis of a evaluation grid based on the following criteria :
1 -Global coherence of the proposition,
2 -Artistic degree of innovation (presence of the live body, relation created between the real and virtual dancers, creation of a choreographic space