Peyronnet Cedric
Since 2002
Works in Limoges France

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In june 1985, I decided to work under the name of toy.bizarre, while my best friend and I were recording crickets singing in a pit along a small countryside road, in the sunset. His father's old tape recorder was in fact so bad that we were just able to hear a small frequency part of the hypnotic insects rhythm between the clouds of hiss.
Back at home, I decided to go on recording, put on tape, every little sound of my environment, of the sonic world I was surrounded by.

I still do it.

My actual work is focused on "places", its characteristics and its sound components ; so the goal of all my sound compositions is to explore a place :
it could be a chain of mountains, a square meter of grass, a beach, a marshalling yard, an hydroelectric powerstation...
Each time the process is the same : recording all the typical sounds of the place (well, for me), then to compose sound pieces only with these sounds, through a sound sculpture process.

So we can say that each one of these pieces is the sonic reflection of the place...