Radiant PEX tubing, thanks to a wide area heating surface radiates more heat and evenly distribute it to all parts of the house or apartment. With Radiant Floor Heating System in place there is no temperature difference at different angles and with aeration appears normal air circulation and eliminates the presence of drafts. Note that the Radiant PEX tubing in the nursery will protect your child from the cold.

Technology underfloor heating water is a complex engineering system. Skilled planners prepare a draft of Radiant Floor Heating systems, directly on the technical task and the parameters of your house or apartment, ensuring that when installing floor heating water on the basis of project quality and reliable performance of Radiant Floor Heating.

The main key to effective and longstanding system of Radiant Floor Heating is a quality certified equipment. It should be clearly understood that in this case not to compromise on quality equipment trying to save on water underfloor heating system. We use equipment made in Germany, which is superior to any counterparts on the criterion of price / quality ratio. Why Germany? But not Spain or Sweden, the answer is simple and straightforward, German quality and advanced technology are in first place in the world.

Radiant Floor Heating, warmth and comfort
Steady heat, lack of drafts and transport of dust, the optimal temperature distribution, floor heating system is a perfect heat distribution, as people feel comfortable in the cool air on the head and warm his feet. And all this thanks to your water warm floors of Water Energy.
Radiant PEX system as energy-saving technology
We propose to stop warming the batteries out, our system of Radiant Floor Heating reduces energy consumption by 15% to 45%, this advantage is important for owners of individual houses and cottages in selecting the type of heating systems. It should be noted that the underfloor heating water has no alternative, if the ceiling height is 3.5-5 meters, for this reason that today's storage terminals are switching their heating water underfloor heating. Warm water from the floors of Water Energy-saving competition is not your money.
Radiant PEX system 100% safe and reliable
In our system, Radiant Floor Heating water does not exceed 55 ° C, and the pipe can withstand temperature up to 100 ° C., as it should be noted that the pipe joints in the floor are missing, ie, pipe is laid in the floor of one piece! Production in Germany guarantees the reliability and accuracy. The durability of elements tested in laboratory tests, which are the basis for obtaining certificates of more than 50 years. Water heated floors have no contraindications, as opposed to electric underfloor heating.
Radiant Floor Heating freedom of design and architecture
Underfloor heating system based on water underfloor heating is completely hidden under carpeting, but there are no batteries or radiators gives unlimited possibilities of interior design, creating panoramic windows, the ability to better placement of furniture.

heat pumps - the safest heating system based on advanced environmental technology

Heat pump - tanker leaves on the lawns of bright spots on the fuel
Heat pump - no fuel tanks, creating an increased risk of fire to your home
Heat pump - anywhere in the house does not smell of diesel fuel, and do not always order it
Heat pump - you do not depend on the quality of diesel fuel, and no permanent cleansing burners
Heat pump - you do not have a chimney, sometimes noisy at night
Heat pump - you save from 200 to 400% of your heating and hot water

Electric underfloor heating for small rooms

Water Energy Company as always goes to meet his clients, and represents a special price and unquestionable quality product manufacturing floor heating Thermo Sweden - you can responsibly say that this is a highly intelligent and high-quality product that meets all the requirements of today. Underfloor Thermo is advanced technology in this segment at an affordable price. Electric heating cable system in which a heating element heating element is used, which fits right into the floor. The floor temperature sensor fixed and adjustable thermostat. Cable heating system to automatically maintain the temperature at a given level. Modern thermostats for underfloor heating can maintain the temperature according to your way of life: raising her at the time of your awakening, decrease after you leave for work, and raise again the time of your return.