We are international pet shipping company and have been shipping pets worldwide for over 27 years. As a specialist pet shipping company we can safely ensure the transport of your pet to or from the UK. As you might expect, we are very familiar with international regulations relating to the shipment of pets through airports and any quarantine restrictions that apply. Please contact us well in advance of any travel with your pet so we can advise you of any veterinary procedures prior to the shipment of your pet. Correct documentation when shipping a pet overseas is absolutely essential if you want to avoid additional cost, or delay to your pet whilst on route to its destination. Please note that some authorities will hold your pet at the arrival airport, return it to the departure airport or have it destroyed locally all at your cost, unless proper documentation can be produced within a reasonably short time. Our pet shipping service is second to none and we are approved by IPATA the international association responsible for the welfare of pets in transit. We are located near Heathrow Airport London and manage pet shipping in association with most international airlines and the Heathrow Animal Reception Centre (the UK authority that controls pet shipping from Heathrow Airport).