petra m
Since the beginning
Works in New York United States of America

Petra currently lives and works in New York City as a corporate web slave.

She has a B.F.A. in photography from the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon. In addition to photography, her academic focus included contemporary art theory and sculpture/installation.
Her most recent project is "Enumerating" a work that combines such traditional methods as sewing with website construction. The project comes out of a search for a systematic method of art-making without negating personal freedom and creativity. This work will eventually appear on the web if she ever gets off her ass to do it.

Her current artistic interests range from electronic art to fiber art and she is interested in finding unique ways to combine radically different materials and methods in new ways.

She hasn't done anything wildly amazing or exciting yet, but is always looking for opportunities to collaborate on new media and old media projects alike.