Scott Peterman
Works in New York, New York United States of America

Scott Peterman is a performer, artist and inventor living and working in New York City. Scott's work is devoted to liberating moments of spontaneous creativity from the theater, studio, and the “magic circle” and embedding them into our daily lives. He is an MFA Design and Technology Candidate and Teaching Fellow at Parsons and is the Founding Creative Director of the award-winning theater group the Two-Fisted Company. Over his ten year career he has worked in a wide variety of spaces, including on such diverse projects as Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto series, Warner Brothers The 300, and the Apple Store Fifth Avenue's Genius Bar.

An avid historian, he is currently serving as Rhizome's Digital Preservation Fellow, helping to update archived works in the ArtBase and ensure that these seminal New Media works are available for generations to come.
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These Walls Could Talk

Recently submitted a few works to this platform with a collaborator. A wonderful idea, full of both playfulness and deeply serious philosophical questions. Highly recommend participating.