peter hayes
Since 2010
Works in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania United States of America

pivot art gallery is an independent online project curated by Peter Hayes with the goal of providing engaging art and arts information to the community of the Philadelphia area and beyond. Since 2009 the gallery has regularly exhibited work from a wide variety of artists including: photographers, illustrators, sound artists, painters, video artists, sculptors, interactive internet artists and more!

Through the website and blog, the gallery shares in conversations with art creators, viewers, collectors, and the greater community. We aim to provide inspiration for all to become more involved in the visual arts. This project is constantly evolving and should be considered a work in progress.
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open call - online gallery

Sun Jul 10, 2011 15:10

-- pivot art gallery is seeking artists who would like to present a portfolio of work on the online gallery. Generally, a portfolio is up for a month beginning on the 15th of each month, after which a condensed version stays in the pivot art gallery archives.
-- pivot art gallery is devoted to showcasing emerging aesthetics - that is, a sense of art viewed through various media, avenues of expression, and the intersection of these that reveals a unique contemporary arts perspective.
-- edgy, conceptual, and otherwise challenging work encouraged !
-- if interested, please email the following information: link to site/portfolio | bio | artist statement | any other relevant info | your questions
-- to find out more about the gallery, visit the site and blog, including current and past featured artists.
-- there are no fees


Angry Gamers (2010) - Nia Burks

excellent, thanks for posting! it really emphasizes our different realities, priorities, and perspectives on what is relevant.