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Call for Political Remix Videos

Fri Dec 30, 2011 00:00


The call for Political Remix Videos (PVRs) is open until December 30th 2011. EMBED, together with the European Cultural Foundation and the Doc Next Network, call for international PVRs. Works participating will become part of EMBED events. Some of them will be included in the Doc Next Network media collection.

More info:
Deadline: Dec 30th 2011



Symposium "Expanded Education"

Sun Mar 22, 2009 00:00 - Sun Mar 22, 2009

Spain |

The 11th ZEMOS98 International Festival (22th - 28th March | Seville,
Spain) focuses on the search for new forms of education that respond to
the social and communicational processes arising from the Internet.

New digital culture is characterised by networked organisation,
collective work, convergence culture, copyleft, etc. The fact that most
of these processes haven’t been incorporated into conventional
educational systems means that new forms of education aren’t taking
place only - or even mainly - within formal schooling, and they are not
being led by educational institutions. There are now countless artistic,
scientific, communicational and educational projects of a cultural,
social, digital and audiovisual nature, and these make up the
cutting-edge of 21st century education - an expanded form of education
that goes beyond the narrow, traditional institutional, thematic and
methodological boundaries.

Media literacy merges with science and creativity to generate a third
networked culture which places special value on design thinking,
laboratories as working spaces, the idea of process rather than
instrument, the blurring of boundaries between professional and amateur
(the concept of pro-am), innovation as a driving force for knowledge and
the commons as a research tool.

Education can happen everytime, everywhere. Inside and outside the walls
of the academic institution. The context of the digital economy
represents a new opportunity to recover the idea of reciprocity in the
distribution of forms of knowledge.

The inspiration and the touchstones behind this symposium include Paulo
Freire’s pedagogy of the question, Ferrer i Guardia’s rationalist
schools, the evocative images of Zero for Conduct, political
anarcho-syndicalism and anarchist education practices (from Kropotkin to
Chomsky), video as a tool for social change, community media, free
radio, telestreets and the theatre of the oppressed.

The symposium is structured in three main parts: lectures, project
presentations and workshops.

1. The lectures will be presented by Jesús Martín Barbero, Brian Lamb
and Ronaldo Lemos. They are - from different perspectives - actively
involved in developing new educational models for networked, digital
culture based on a critical and proactive attitude to traditional
educational systems and paradigms. Martín Barbero will present
“Educational City: from a society with educational system to a knowledge
and learning society”; Brian Lamb will talk about “The urgency of open
education: cheap thrills, radical reuse, and feed-frenzied learning”;
and, finally, Ronaldo Lemos on “The Future Challenges of Education:
Communities, Free Culture and Intellectual Property”.

2. The workshops will allow participants to implement many of the ideas
behind the symposium, and allow an opportunity for “learning by doing”
in a broader context than that usually offered by academia. If the
lectures think in global, the workshops are working on local. The Bank
of Common Knowledge is “a pilot experience dedicated to the research of
social mechanisms for the collective production of contents, mutual
education, and citizen participation”. Platoniq - responsible for this
project - will work in a different context they are used to: the
“Polígono Sur” in Sevilla, the cheapest site in Europe, very close (a
bit more than 1 km.) to the most expensive site in Sevilla (”La
Buhaira”). Is it possible to get this neighbourhood self-esteem back
reconsidering the value of common knowledge further than inside the
school?. A group of theachers from IES Antonio Domínguez Ortiz,, ZEMOS98 and different associations from the Polígono Sur
have been working on this idea for 3 months, and will work intensively
from 16th to 20th, March. They will present the experience on Wednesday,
25th March in the 11th edition of ZEMOS98 International Festival.

In the Andalusian International University, the workshop “Introduction
to the theatre of the oppressed” by Julian Boal will put into practise
the idea of theatre “as means of knowledge and transformation of the
interior reality in the social and relational field”. The Expanded
Factory and Approximation to the creative process will complete the
programme of workshops in this symposium.

3. The call for projects invited everybody actively working in education
to present and discuss their experiences. The Festival has received more
than 50 projects from all over the world and the list of selected
presentations is available here. All of them are projects working on
research process, experimentation, reflection and development of new
educational models and learning environments.

* more information in PDF:
* english blog:



And so year after year, with the awful and tricky pretext of attracting tourism and hypothetical and mortgaged investments, they pretend to put Seville on the world map, as if she were to be discovered for the first time, insulting her history and her continuous transformation into the avant-garde of creativity, mimicking the beaten paths of all the cities that pretend to be the only ones in the media world and using the word “culture” to empower their speculative projects therefore falling with them into a black hole that makes them invisible because of their non-reflective and homogeneous proposals blended into a corrosive magma where the individual wealth of each one disappears.

The “private” BIACS, managed by a troop of entrepreneurs, receive three million euros of public money, in addition to the use of public installations, and then wish to expand, without giving account and while playing their commercial tricks, convert themselves into false patrons that apply a whiplash with institutional acquiescence against the cultural, social and technological networks created by citizens who are committed to constructing the city.

The appropriation of public funds by the entrepreneurs of the BIACS who, oblivious to the crisis, celebrate their atomic VIP parties between fresh ones and Francescas Thyssen (who will impose upon us her latest museum) in between the silly bits of the Teuton Weibel, who plays with Seville and the culture of Al-Andalus like the soccer player who finishes his career in Qatar where he goes to get what he does not get paid in his own country. The culture, that culture that extends throughout the social fiber, that culture that has been working in a slow and prolonged way, that culture that connects itself with international networks working together to fight against all the madness, wiles, tricks and traps created by predatory capitalism, is emptied and stifled through their plundering.

The tragic show “BIACS Three” brings to Seville an immoral proposal of a series of de-contextualized technological gadgets that pretend to belong to Second Life, this non-prestigious place in virtual space where ghosts roam. In the hands of the cruel BIACS, Second Life is converted into a costly and mummified “Devil´s Walk” that appears in front of spectator-believers and non-believing artists, who are taken in by a codified buffoonery that spins around the cultural events, some are seen as consumer-tourist and others, with their boring monsters, fill empty spaces at the stands of the fair.

Meanwhile, at the CAAC esplanade, surrounded by the” jet set”, the in-baroness will jump amongst the shouts of entrepreneurs and the distinguished persons who sing “Francesca with the tracatrá”, over champagne and hors d’oeuvres prepared to eat the city. “¡Mal bocao la lleve!” (Would that a bad bite take her away!).
It does not matter that there is organizational disaster, or that from one day to the next Cordoba was removed from the list of the three cities selected for the celebrations, or the nonsense of notifying an important number of artists one month before the inauguration, or that the web page for the technological event is in a state of informative chaos…

Year after year they spend money on fireworks, assaulting the public budget and leaving behind an empty burned trail, except for a new order that arises from a culture that is each time more superficial.

This is the perverse universe that they want to stage at the monastery, La Cartuja of Seville, and in the palace, Carlos V of Granada.

Stamps of power for your “Desacoged’or Youperverse”. Just more smoke screens!
October 1, 2008


Call for Videos - ZEMOS98 11 - Seville

Sat Nov 01, 2008 00:00 - Sun Sep 28, 2008


International Call for Audiovisual Works

RULES (short version)

* Submission deadline: November 1st 2008.
* *New*: it is compulsory to include the registration number on the
envelope, case and medium.
* Public screenings of selected wors: on March 2009 - Sevilla.
* Remuneration for public communication for the selected works:
Sección Oficial (150€), Videoteca (50€).
* Maximum duration: 30 minutes
* *New*: One work per author.
* *New*: Theme; Six establishing subjects: Narrative
experimentation; Free Culture, archive, remix; Politics, commitment with
reality; Education and communication; Machines and souls: cyberculture;


* *New*; Premio Metrópolis (La 2 TVE).
* *New*; Honourable Mentions.
* Prize for the best andalusian work to produce a new project.
* International DVDEMOS which will contain the best videos from the
Official Section.
* Meeting of audiovisual creators.


* Complete rules:
* PFD:\_basesZEMOS98\_11\_english.pdf
* Submission / Registration:

Submit your videos. Please, forward this information!!


Last Call for video ZEMOS98

Sat Nov 10, 2007 00:00


Rules of participation for international call for works ZEMOS98 10th edition

The festival will be celebrated from 24th to 30th March, 2008.
The deadline for submissions is 10th November, 2007.

ZEMOS98 agrees to pay 150 € for every work participating the Official
Sectionfor the purposes of presenting the work and public screening.

ZEMOS98 agrees to pay 50 € for every work participating the section
Pantallas Paralelas and/or Pantallas Paralelas for the purposes of
presenting the work and public screening.

Has a maximum duration of 20 minutes
The theme and genre are open.