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Re: One Day Left

> i suppose we also should say merci patronn!
> ED
> Think of it like a bar. When you and some friends go to a bar and buy drinks,
> you're not really going for the drinks. You pay much more for the drinks than
> you would if you just bought a six-pack and stayed home with your friends. And
> most of the value of your experience actually comes from the other people, who
> are also paying for their drinks. You go to a bar to be out in public, to meet
> up with friends and acquaintances, maybe to meet some cute girl or guy or
> dance to music or just see funny random things happen. Having a drink makes up
> a very small part of the whole experience. If you went to a bar and it was
> just you and the bartender and your drink, you probably wouldn't have as much
> fun.
> So why do people go to bars? Why do they pay more for their drinks than they
> should?
> Because when people get together in large groups, there's a certain amount of
> work that needs to be done to keep everything running smoothly. This work is
> dependent on a lot of things; one of them is how big those large groups are.
> If you want to get together in a group of 40 people you already know, probably
> somebody can host a party at their apartment. If you're in the mood to be
> around 150 people, some of who you know and some of whom are strangers, you
> probably have to go to a bar. So you pay more for your drinks, because you're
> not just paying for the liquor. You're also paying the rent, and the cleaning
> costs, and the labor. Somebody has to serve drinks, and somebody has to keep
> the place clean, and once in a while a broken barstool has to be replaced.
> None of those things are free.
> To me, that's why we're asking everybody to pay. It's true that most of the
> value doesn't come from the place; it comes from the members. Nobody comes to
> Rhizome because Mark or I or Rachel are particularly clever people -- they
> come because Rhizome offers a space for other people to come and be clever for
> one another.
> I know that in some ways $5 is a lot to ask. Not that it's a lot of money to
> most people, but it's still a conceptual hurdle: It makes you wonder how much
> really is worth to you. But our options today aren't what they
> were a few years ago, and we've decided that this is the best bet for our
> survival. I hope that Rhizome, as a public space, has been useful enough, and
> engaging enough, that our survival matters to you, too.
> Francis Hwang
> Director of Technology
> 212-989-2363
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Re: RHIZOME_RAW:Re: One Day Left


>> One can not disagree with the above, on any share and share alike level, but
>> when one is talking economy and art there is usually more than one side to
>> every coin.
> it's very simple to disagree with the above when we stop thinking of
> rhizome as 'they' and start thinking of it as 'we'. meta's post and
> eryk's posts are good at pointing out what rhizome seems to be
> failing at: creating a true community.
> if we truly felt like a community then we wouldn't mind a small fee
> to maintain our clubhouse. we would all feel that we were
> contributing to something we collectively own. instead of meta
> feeling that the work is being taken for profit but without sharing
> the profit, meta would see that we're all collectively sharing our
> work and effort.
> but we don't feel like a community. why? i have my own answers, as
> well as suggestions on building a stronger community but i would be
> interested in hearing others before i go into it.

community needs fantomas not bruce waynes

nor robin red herrings

artbase is montdepiete stuff for pompom legitimacy

no community there



Re: problems on Rhizome Raw

Of course it's become quite a gray area for quite some time now with its
petit salon a la french the american way habits
but there are still cahoting routes with 7 dwarves relay runners, mirror mon
beau miroir Randinskij spiritual scrubb and a few G tokay to prove there's
still lively human plants around

just bring more carrotts, hot chardonay, donkeys and prout prout eyepowder
and the campaign will greenish again!

no bull needed
keep raw as is and on the rocks

wishing you the best always

M_H - Team
-/ Keep rire - Stop yellow ! /-

> Dear Rhizome Raw Subscribers:
> There have been some serious problems on the list recently. A number of
> people have been engaging in personal attacks, abusive emails and
> high-volume posting. We have received many emails from raw subscribers who
> feel frustrated and demoralized by what is seen as an abuse of a community
> resource. We are concerned that Rhizome Raw is no longer able to function
> as an inclusive community resource.
> We share these feelings of frustration, but find the problem a difficult
> one to address. While rules and limits can help a public sphere function,
> the policing of public speech is not something to be taken lightly. With
> one brief exception, Raw has never been moderated. Until recently, Raw has
> somehow managed to function as a total free-for-all, a funky mix of serious
> discourse, banter, announcements, identity pranks, ASCII art and other
> things. There have always been off-topic posts, but somehow the community
> managed to function without any interference from Rhizome workers.
> Instead of putting Raw into moderated mode, or unsubscribing people who
> abuse the list, we propose to reinstate the Rhizome Rare email list as a
> moderated version of Raw. Previously, Rare consisted of four channels that
> were filtered by an editorial intern. The new Rare would be a single
> channel that consists of texts selected by superusers. Raw would remain an
> unfiltered list. Those who are tired of the current tenor and activity on
> Raw could migrate to Rare. Those who can take the heat can stay in the fire.
> We'd like to get the new Rhizome Rare going by early October.
> What do people think about this model?
> In the meantime, we encourage you to conserve your Rhizome time and energy
> by using the filtering features of your email software.
> Best,
> Rachel
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Re: I am Max Herman. AKA G2K

> Je suis ready. Ou est le pavilion? Aussi? OK.

Blason is better, Max

Please check's Herald Tribute at

> Avec un peu de tout.
> Avec some big-ass thunder for un autre.
> Aussi.
> nmh

All the rest is about red see swords crossing



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Re: [thingist] Re: RHIZOME_RAW: [l0l] LOL#24

Dear fellows

Why not play it the en-gArde way ?

Select your ammo

<head> </head>
<body> </body>
<font> </font>
<form> </form>
<div> </div>
<table> </table>

Of course you may think the choice to be liminal yet keep in mind that div
also means miscellaneous

And of course it's playful and it hurts

Wishing you the best always (best french blood period win win solution)

jp - Team
-/ upgrade your gino! paste it! /-

> On Sun, 18 Aug 2002, furtherfield wrote:
>> yep,
>> your right - Muserna.
>> marc
> Cheap condescending copout +
> similarly as your response to 'my' post.
> Slighting + dismissing all valid points.
> No, I don't imagine that intelligence
> slots into your 'playful' 'debating'
> 'precocious-but-not-too-much' wallpaper
> room decorating which you call 'art'.
> HA!