Paul Slocum
Since 2003
Works in United States of America

hacker artist and musician in Dallas, working a lot with old computer/videogame junk.




contact: paul_slocum atsymbol treewave period com
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Readme 100 Deadline Approaching

Alexei Shulgin's Readme 100 (that's 4 for the posers) is contest format this year and the deadline for submissions is Monday, August 8th! The festival this year is in Dortmund, Germay and will take place in November.


technology categories for Artbase

I was just submitting some newer work to the AB, and it seems like that technology list either needs an "other" box or it needs to be a broader list (my preference). Since you have to check one of them, I was forced to check something that was vaguely related to what I used, but not something that I did actually use.

Most of my stuff's written in C, C++, assembly, and CAD software, which aren't there. And for audio formats it only lists MP3 (no OGG Vorbis, FLAC, etc). I actually just used WAV files in my most recent thing.