Paul Laidler
Since 2010
Works in United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Paul is a researcher in digital print technologies at the Centre for Fine Print Research that is part of the University of the West of England, Bristol. During the past five years Paul has been working with a succession of different artists at the CFPR to produce fine art prints using digital print technologies. Paul's specific area of research looks at comparing previous established practices within the field of fine art Printmaking in-light of todays digital print technologies. By investigating and documenting the holistic nature of creating printed artifacts within a fine art context Paul has undertaken a part time PhD alongside his work at the centre.

Paul also produces his own work that is informed by much of his technological activities at the CFPR. His interest in print is through the mediums inherent reproductive process and its mediatory impact upon how we have learned to see, understand and describe the world around us. Paul's preoccupation with image mediation and transcription processes are key to his relationship with digital technology. Paul sees his work as oscillations between fact and fiction and image and object where the physical becomes digital and the digital becomes physical.
Paul has also been recognized both nationally and internationally through a series of juried exhibitions and publications. His work is included in collections at The V & A, Tate Britain, School of the Art Institute Chicago and The Print Centre Philadelphia USA