Paul Collins
Since 2009
Works in Paris France

Before moving to Paris in 1982, Paul Collins lived in Toronto, where he worked at the Coach House Press, exhibited paintings and photographs at A Space, YYZ, Mercer Union, The Garnet Press, founded Permanent Press, contributed to Only Paper Today, played music at the Cabana Room of the Spadina Hotel with his bands The Lewd Reeds and
Since living in Paris, he has exhibited and performed at the Cartier Foundation, CREDAC, L'Impasse, La Génrale, Le Musée des Beaux-arts de Mulhouse and Kunsthalle Erfurt, Germany.
His most recent publication is MAL ARME, co-authored with Victor Coleman. (BookThug, Toronto 2008).
Since 2000 he has collaborated with John Armstrong on an on-going series of photographs, paintings, videos, and incidental writings.
His band, Ultradig, can be heard at
He is currently included in the exhibition "Canadian Art in the 1960s & 1970s through the lens of Coach House Press," Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto.
He is co-ordinator of the Media department at the Ecole Superieur des Arts et Media, in Caen, France.