paul catanese
Since 2001
Works in Chicago, Illinois United States of America

Paul Catanese (b. 1975) is a hybrid media artist, Associate Chair and Associate Professor in the Department of Interdisciplinary Arts at Columbia College Chicago, Director of the Interdisciplinary Arts & Media MFA Program, ISEA International Board Member, and President Emeritus of the New Media Caucus, a College Art Association Affiliate Society. He earned his MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) in 2000 in Art and Technology Studies. Prior to his faculty appointment at Columbia College Chicago, Catanese was an Assistant Professor of New Media at San Francisco State University (SFSU) from 2003-2008; he has also taught at SAIC, Harold Washington College and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago.

Paul is the author of Director’s Third Dimension, a book on three-dimensional programming for interactive multimedia; and the co-author (with Dr. Angela Geary) of Post-Digital Printmaking: CNC, Traditional, and Hybrid Techniques. His artwork has been exhibited internationally, notably at the Whitney Museum of American Art, the New Museum of Contemporary Art, SFMOMA Artist's Gallery, the Bangkok Experimental Film Festival, La Villette, Stuttgart Filmwinter, FILE, ANIMAC, and the New Forms Festival. His work has been reviewed in and Artweek. He has spoken about his work at festivals and conferences and has been a visiting artist to programs of art around the country including at the University of Kentucky, Washington State University and Bradley University. As a 2003/04 recipient of a Kala Art Institute artist-in-residence Fellowship award, he was able to explore various printmaking and bookmaking techniques and created a series of digital Cornell boxes for Gameboy Advance. Paul is the recipient of numerous grants and awards, including commissions for the creation of new artwork from as well as
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Open Staff Position at Columbia College Chicago

Tue Oct 28, 2008 14:27

Columbia College Chicago
Department: Interdisciplinary Arts

Columbia College Chicago is an urban institution of over 12,000 undergraduate & graduate students, emphasizing arts, media, & communications in a liberal arts setting. We currently seek a resourceful problem-solver to provide technical support for the computer & media equipment needs in the Interdisciplinary Arts Department facilities. This individual will install software/hardware, provide technical support, train & supervise graduate student work-aides, assist with the installation of the graduate MFA thesis shows, operate/maintain electronic inventory of computer, video, and audio equipment, diagnose/facilitate repairs, develop policies/procedures in conjunction with faculty, and oversee equipment checkout.

To qualify, candidates must possess a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and 2-3 yrs experience in basic computer operations as well as experience in maintaining an electronic inventory of software/hardware, peripheral devices, and related cabling. Must also be familiar with MAC computers & networks as well as have knowledge and competency in the installation of new computers, video and computer connectivity, and technical currency in the field of non-linear editing. Experience working in a graduate art school environment or gallery experience, digital media or related area is preferred.

Candidates must be able to work evenings & weekends as needed. Columbia College Chicago encourages female, GLBT, disabled, international, & minority classified individuals to apply for all positions. No phone calls, please. We offer a competitive salary & an excellent benefits package. For consideration, please submit a resume & a cover letter to:

Jeanine Mellinger
Columbia College Chicago
Interdisciplinary Arts Department
Technical Coordinator Search (POS 1076)
600 S. Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60605


NMC Panels at CAA 2009, deadline extended to 5/25

Fri Jun 13, 2008 00:00

The New Media Caucus Call for Panels has a deadline of May 25th
The NMC invites panel proposals from New Media Caucus Members for our affiliated panel session at CAA in Los Angeles 2009. Submitter(s) will chair and organize the proposed session its call for submissions (the board will help with the admin, and publicity, etc.).

Proposals should outline:
… Concept for the panel
… Areas of investigation
… Questions the panel will raise
… Specific topic areas presenters could address
… What types of presentation formats will be considered.
… Possible panelists (you don't need to ask them, we just want to see the kind of people you would have as panelists).
… Note: for the affiliated panel, while the panel chair should be a New Media Caucus member, panelists need not be CAA members or even artists. Chairing and participating in an affiliated open session (open to the public) does not disqualify you from submitting a proposal for the following year's CAA conference.
… A CATCHY TITLE -- you really need to stand out in the sea of panels.

As a sample proposal, below is of one of a previous years' panel sessions:

Video art has been used as a conceptual, self-reflexive tool to examine society, culture, and media hegemonies for over 40 years. Video art moves about walls in flowing digital paintings and confronts us like a voice in installations. Similarly, sonic sculptures draw us through gallery spaces, inviting our attention and participation. This panel encourages artists who work with video and/or sound to discuss the relationship of their art to aesthetics, content and technology. Presenters could address: What strategies do artists using video and sound now adopt? How does the public assess the artistic quality of a form that represents entertainment and cheap reproduction? How do we talk about the shared conceptual space between sound, installation and video art? The panel invites proposals from artists, theorists and art historians. Unusual formats are encouraged.

Proposals will be reviewed by the New Media Caucus executive board. The deadline to submit your proposal is May 25th. Notification of acceptance will be late May. Your role on your panel will be as chair. There is no NMC or CAA funding available for travel, accommodation, or conference attendance. The chair gets their conference fee paid, but not panelists. We all do this for the prestige and the CV.

Submissions should be electronic and send to


CFP: art blogging ==;

Mon Oct 01, 2007 19:42

New Media Caucus CAA Affiliate Panel
Call for Papers:

CAA Conference: February 20-23, 2008 in Dallas

Panel Title: art blogging == global.exhibit(local);
Panel Chair: Paul Catanese
Assistant Professor of New Media
San Francisco State University

An explosion of new blogs from artists, collectors, galleries, residency programs and museums are reshaping notions of professional practice within the arts. Though promotion is certainly a major driver in this arena, sites such as Art.Blogging.LA, Walker Blogs, Art Fever and PORT are especially good at projecting a local arts scene into a broader context. Other models investigate blog as sketchbook, establishing a new format for the open atelier. Does art blogging indicate the emergence of a dislocated, yet thoroughly local arts scene? Can blogs shift the space of studio practice while retaining its capability to be unstructured? Is the quest for site traffic inherently at odds with healthy periods of gestation and dormancy? What models exist for balancing these forces? What are the implications for establishing or maintaining an art practice for those who remain virtually present, yet physically distant? This panel will be structured as a roundtable: short presentations followed by discussion. Panelists will be requested to participate as authors on a group blog launching prior to the conference as a method of instigating depth in the discussions - so that the roundtable may function as an extension of the blog and vice versa. Prior blogging experience not required.

Email abstract and short bio to
Proposals due by November 9, 2007.

conference info:

panel info:

questions / proposals - email:


Gameboy Subversion

In February of 2003, I completed an installation project for Gameboy Advance. The piece, "Super Ichthyologist Advance", was not created as a game, but as a repository for show-quality koi. The koi appear to be trapped within the Gameboy devices which function as a virtual tank. Each koi has its own cartridge, so that viewers can collect them all.

Documentation of "Super Ichthyologist Advance" can be found online at the following address:

-paul catanese


Gameboy Subversion

In February of 2003, I completed an installation of variable dimensions for Gameboy Advance. The piece, Super Ichthyologist Advance, treats the Gameboy device as a repository for Koi. The Koi appear to be trapped within the Gameboy(s) which function as a virtual tank. Each Koi has its own game-cartridge, so that viewers can collect them all. The inspiration for trapping the Koi this way comes from the fanatic "gotta catch them all!" mantra which fuels the collection of Pokemon. This work uses the cartridge as a multiple, addressing the Gameboy as a surrogate container for electronic books. Documentation of the 2003 installation, "Super Ichthyologist Advance" is now online at:

-paul catanese