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Since 2001
Works in Chicago, Illinois United States of America

Paul Catanese (b. 1975) is a hybrid media artist, Associate Chair and Associate Professor in the Department of Interdisciplinary Arts at Columbia College Chicago, Director of the Interdisciplinary Arts & Media MFA Program, and President Emeritus of the New Media Caucus, a College Art Association Affiliate Society. He earned his MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) in 2000 in Art and Technology Studies. Prior to his faculty appointment at Columbia College Chicago, Catanese was an Assistant Professor of New Media at San Francisco State University (SFSU) from 2003-2008; he has also taught at SAIC, Harold Washington College and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago.

Paul is the author of Director’s Third Dimension, a book on three-dimensional programming for interactive multimedia; and the co-author (with Dr. Angela Geary) of Post-Digital Printmaking: CNC, Traditional, and Hybrid Techniques. His artwork has been exhibited internationally, notably at the Whitney Museum of American Art, the New Museum of Contemporary Art, SFMOMA Artist's Gallery, the Bangkok Experimental Film Festival, La Villette-Numerique, Stuttgart Filmwinter, FILE, ANIMAC, and the New Forms Festival. His work has been reviewed in and Artweek. He has spoken about his work at festivals and conferences and has been a visiting artist to programs of art around the country including at the University of Kentucky, Washington State University and Bradley University. As a 2003/04 recipient of a Kala Art Institute artist-in-residence Fellowship award, he was able to explore various printmaking and bookmaking techniques and created a series of digital Cornell boxes for Gameboy Advance. Paul is the recipient of numerous grants and awards, including commissions for the creation of new artwork from as well as
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Interdisciplinary Arts & Media MFA Program - Application Deadline Jan 15

Wed Jan 15, 2014 17:00

Chicago, Illinois
United States of America

Photo - Morgan Sayers, “Waste”, 2012, Performance, Photo courtesy the artist.

The MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts & Media fosters innovative dialog between the fine, performing, and media arts. Students incorporate emerging technologies with traditional materials and art processes in a diverse array of creative outcomes that include embodied experiences, participatory artifacts, interactive environments, movement / performance-based instruments, experimental multi-channel audio works, augmented reality, networked practices, public media art interventions, and hybrid installations. Students are empowered to interrogate the value systems embedded in our media tools, deploy design thinking as a tactical disruption of studio practice, and develop command of creative languages: computational, material, gestural, natural & visual.

Professional Practice
This program encourages students to create a body of work that reflects the complexity of their world. They are asked to consider the context for that work—who is the audience, where will it be seen, how will it be presented? The emphasis on both creative practice and professional practice gives students an advantage—to become innovative practitioners and sophisticated professionals who understand how to position themselves in the contemporary art landscape.

Hybrid Practice
The Interdisciplinary Arts Department has three graduate degrees; we encourage students to embrace the permeable nature of our programs to investigate a vast array of department offerings including studio courses in artists books, hand papermaking, printmaking, video, electronics, sound, interaction, performance, installation, and creative writing, and theory/practice courses addressing topics such as autobiographical art, the body, visual narratives, and art+science collaborations.

Visiting Artists
Our graduate students are enriched by a Visiting Artist program that allows for meaningful interaction through seminars, workshops, lectures, and individual critiques with internationally renowned practitioners. Recent visiting artists include: Laura Anderson Barbata, Timothy Barrett, Zoe Beloff, Tania Brughera, Julie Chen, Guillermo Gomez-Pena, Eungie Joo, Daniel Kelm, Amos Kennedy, Alison Knowles, Ligorano/Reese, Lucy Lippard, Mary Lucier, Christina McPhee, Bill Viola, Paul Wong, Trevor Paglen, Triple Canopy, Andrea Polli, Bob Stein, Chris Salter, and Pamela Z.

Interdisciplinary Arts & Media MFA Program Director
Paul Catanese –

Application Deadline
January 15th


Call for Papers: IDMAA 2011 Conference

Fri Aug 05, 2011 23:59

United States of America

Design, Innovation & Story - an Odyssey of Confluence
For this conference, we’re seeking abstracts (500 words maximum) for
presentation and/or discussion about ideas pushing the edge of digital
media and art, particularly as they relate to the merging of design,
innovation, and narrative. Creative research that demonstrates the confluence of different disciplines, media, cultures, and technology is particularly encouraged. The conference will contain several tracks of programming that expand on the theme in the following areas:
- Convergence-Trans/Inter/Meta/media (mobile, outdoor media, virtual worlds)
- High/Low tech, DIY/DIT
- Social Dynamic Range: Infra-Personal / Local / Ultra-Global
- Business / Academia confluence
- Learning (pedagogy, methods, topics)
- Entertainment (video, animation, games)
- Innovation/Creativity (art, design, music)
- Business (jobs, industries)
All abstracts will be refereed for acceptance and should report on
the results of creative or research projects that explore innovative
areas of new media (design, art, tools, education, etc.) and follow the
formatting conventions found in the latest edition of the Chicago
Manual of Style (documentary note).
Submission guidelines
Click here to submit your abstract (maximum 500 words) online as a word document by August 5, 2011. All authors participating in the conference will have their abstract posted as is on the conference website. Abstracts must be formatted according to the latest edition of The Chicago Manual of Style. Authors will be notified via email of their submission’s status by approximately August 12. Authors should confirm attendance by August 26. To be reviewed for possible publication in The Journal of the International Digital Media and Arts Association selected conference proceedings, accepted papers of no more than 3500 words must be submitted in their final form (as a word document using your last name in the file name) by November 4.


Interrogating the Future of Interdisciplinary Practice

Sun May 01, 2011 00:00

Chicago, Illinois
United States of America

The Interdisciplinary Arts Department at Columbia College Chicago is
pleased to announce a call for artwork created by BA & BFA students
graduating in 2011 in the US. Interrogating the Future of Interdisciplinary Practice will be juried by Dominic Molon, Chief Curator at the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis.
Entries are sought that demonstrate interdisciplinary risk taking,
experimentation and conceptual rigor. Visual Art, Media, Time-Based
Work, Internet-Based Work, Sculpture, Installation, Sound, Writing, and
Performance are eligible. The exhibit will be at Columbia College’s
Arcade Gallery on Michigan Avenue, in the heart of Downtown Chicago for a
month-long show in July 2011. An exhibition catalog will be produced.
There is no entry fee, but students will apply via SlideRoom, which
charges $5 to submit an application – similar to the expenses one would
incur for postage and media, but without potential for delay. The
deadline for submissions is May 1st.
Full Details about the Call for Proposals is online.



Fri May 07, 2010 00:00

The New Media Caucus invites panel proposals for a 1.5 hour affiliated panel open session at the College Art Association annual conference in NYC in 2010. Please note that multiple proposals are acceptable.

Proposals should be submitted by panel chairs or co-chairs who will organize the session including its call for submissions or invitations. The NMC executive board will assist with providing liaison to CAA, administration, publicity, etc.

For full details regarding this opportunity, please visit

Email submissions by May 7th 2010 to Paul Catanese:


New Media Caucus Call for Panel Proposals for CAA Conference (Chicago 2010)

Fri May 01, 2009 00:00

New Media Caucus Call for Panel Proposals for CAA Conference (Chicago 2010)
The New Media Caucus invites panel proposals for a 1.5 hour affiliated panel open session at the College Art Association annual conference; the deadline for proposals is May 1st 2009. At this time, we are accepting proposals for the 2010 CAA Conference in Chicago. Please note that multiple proposals are acceptable.

Proposals should be submitted by panel chairs or co-chairs who will organize the session including its call for submissions or invitations. The NMC executive board will assist with providing liaison to CAA, administration, publicity, etc.

Proposals should outline
- Concept for the panel
- Areas of investigation
- Questions the panel will raise
- Specific topic areas presenters could address
- What types of presentation formats will be considered
- If your panel will be invitational, indicate the possible panelists (you don't need to ask them at this point, we just want to see a sampling of your potential panelists)
- If your panel will have a call for submissions, provide a timetable for the process
- A CATCHY TITLE -- you really need to stand out in the sea of panels

Sample from a previous years' affiliated society panel session
Video art has been used as a conceptual, self-reflexive tool to examine society culture, and media hegemonies for over 40 years. Video art moves about walls in flowing digital paintings and confronts us like a voice in installations. Similarly, sonic sculptures draw us through gallery spaces, inviting our attention and participation. This panel encourages artists who work with video and/or sound to discuss the relationship of their art to aesthetics, content and technology. Presenters could address: What strategies do artists using video and sound now adopt? How does the public assess the artistic quality of a form that represents entertainment and cheap reproduction? How do we talk about the shared conceptual space between sound, installation and video art? The panel invites proposals from artists, theorists and art historians. Unusual formats are encouraged.

Publishing Requirement
The New Media Caucus media-N Journal (ISSN: 1942-017X) will publish a conference edition shortly after the CAA conference to include reports from all NMC sponsored panels. Panel chairs are required to write a 500 word synopsis of the panel; additionally all panelists should be informed that documentation of their presentations are required to be published in the media-N Journal conference edition. Panel chairs are responsible for collecting, editing and arranging the materials from their panel for the journal edition. The format for documenting presentations should be chosen to reflect the content and style of the original presentations. There is great flexibility in how to achieve this. For example, in the past some have chosen to document their presentation through the form of a traditional paper, transcript of the presentation, discussion, interview or even audio or video. Panel chairs should plan in advance of the conference how documentation will be produced if a traditional paper format is not appropriate (such as sound or video recording). Full submissions must be completed by mid-March 2010 after the conference. If you have questions about this requirement, contact Rachel Clarke, Executive Editor of media-N at for further detail.

- For the affiliated open session panel, while the panel chair should be a New Media Caucus member, panelists need not be CAA members or even artists.
- There are currently no membership fees to join the Caucus. Visit the New Media Caucus website on information about how to join at this URL:
- NMC does not fund conference fees, transportation, or hotels for chairs or panelists. However, NMC can provide official letters of acceptance to assist you with securing funding support from your home institutions.
- Chairing or presenting during a 1.5 hour affiliated open session (open to the public) does not disqualify you from submitting a proposal or participating in other capacities for the CAA conference such as chairing a panel or serving as a panelist.

Proposals will be reviewed by the New Media Caucus executive board. The deadline to submit your proposal is May 1st, 2009. Notification of acceptance will be late May. Your role on your panel will be as chair. The chosen panel for Chicago will be submitted to CAA in early June.

Email submissions by May 1st, 2009 to Paul Catanese: