Pau Alsina
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Works in Barcelona Spain

Pau Alsina is a New Media Philosopher, Musician and so on from Barcelona, Spain.

He is director of , a space on the intersections between Art, Science and Technology, at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC)

Actually he is a Digital Arts researcher at the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3) currently working on the confluence of art and tecno-science.

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:::::: new video-interviews in Artnodes :::::::

Artnodes publishes a new series of interviews with international experts in digital art and culture

20/10/2006.- Artnodes, the UOC’s internet space on the interrelations between art, science and technology, is to publish six new interviews with international experts on digital art, which are to remain on the website permanently. This series of interviews reflects on some of the hottest issues in digital art and culture, including surveillance technology, the effects of software on our daily lives and virtual reality communities.

On this occasion, the experts interviewed are Erkki Huhtamo, Andreas Broeckmann (artistic director of Transmediale), Alex Galloway, Jonah Brucker-Cohen, David Rokeby, and Marc Downie.

These experts discuss issues such as the effects of software on our daily lives, the development of media archaeology, surveillance technology in artistic projects, physical toy interfaces linked to surveillance software, connected virtual reality communities and the creation of sound by virtual reality creatures.

The interviews and videos, made by Pau Alsina, Alba Colombo and Pau Waelder, will remain on Artnodes permanently. Artnodes usually publishes documents to inspire theoretical reflection on or historical study of this field of interdisciplinary creativity.

Available at:

The Artnodes area
Artnodes is an area at the Open University of Catalonia’s network dedicated to the interrelations of art, science and technology. The Artnodes area includes an academic journal, a specialist information and documentation portal and projects such as LABS or YASMIN in collaboration. Since 2003, it has organised face-to-face and virtual events relating to digital art and other intersections between art, science and technology.


Pau Alsina


Barcelona- Randonnee, a debate on the landscape of the 21st century

RANDONNEE, a debate on the landscape of the 21st century

Organized by the Barcelona Artnodes/UOC and Sonar Festival of advanced music and multimedia art.

Artnodes, the UOC's area on art, science and technology, is to take part in this year's Sonar with a joint project called Randonnee. This involves a series of conferences to debate the concept of landscape in the 21st century. This series of conferences is to take place the 18th of June in the Santa Monica Arts Centre at 13:00. The Sonar International Advanced Music and Multimedia Art Festival in Barcelona brings the public into contact with the new trends and leading artists from the national and international electronic scene. The festival is to take place in Barcelona from June 16 to 18.

Barcelona, 09/06/2005

The three conferences organised by Artnodes and Sonar are linked to the exhibition "Randonnee: A Walk Through 21st-century Landscaping". The conferences are entitled "Constructed Landscape", "Augmented Landscape" and "Transgressed Landscape". The first looks at the modelling, simulation and creation of landscapes using virtual architecture or videogames in the context of the digital age. Those taking part include the architects Victor Tenez and Xavier Costa and the geographer Laura Puigvert. There is to be a lecture from the architect Freddy Massad.

"Augmented Landscape" looks at the latest developments in the field of augmented reality, which allow, for example, GPS and data maps to supersede cartography. All this is leading to our discovering new ways to position ourselves in space. This conference includes the participation of the artist Ben Cerveny and the architects Ignaci Perez Arnal and Dimitris Charitos. The lecture is from the curator Jose Luis de Vicente.

"Transgressed Landscape" will debate the assumed existence of an object in our culture that maintains the context of artistic production in terms of a clear dialogue with the tradition of landscape painting. This conference involves the artists Joan Fontcuberta and Lluis Sabadell and the biologist Ramon Guardans; the lecture is to be given by Pau Alsina, UOC's professor. This series of conferences is taking place as part of SonarMatica, Sonar's multimedia section, and costs 3 euros. The curators are Oscar Abril Ascaso, Pau Alsina and Advanced Music.

Sonar, in its twelfth year, offers a wide range of activities, including DJ sessions, a concert in Barcelona's Auditori, SonarMatica (the section dedicated to the new landscapes of the 21st century, from the figurative extremes to the most abstract), SonarCinema (a selection of the best in the new image technologies, with a show including digital video, 3D animation, Flash, etc.), Sonarama (the section focusing on the latest developments in new media, with installations, audiovisual concerts, software and medialab presentations, etc.), etc. Sonar is aimed at cutting edge artists, and the most influential professionals and companies in the electronic music and art sector.

Artnodes at Sonar 2004

Artnodes was involved in Sonar for the first time last year, as part of the Sonarama section, dedicated to new sound and vision creation. Artnodes is the UOC's area dedicated to studying and researching the intersections between the arts, sciences and technologies. It includes a research group, an e-journal, an international information portal and a series of events organised from time to time to act as meeting points to contribute to the study and debate of these intersections and emerging forms of creation.

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