Patrick Millard
Since 2006
Works in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania United States of America

Patrick Millard is an artist, curator and educator from the small western Michigan town of Lamont and now lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His work in photography, new media, and sound has resulted in a diversified portfolio that addresses ideas about media, digital culture, technology and the interactions that human beings have with today's social environment.

His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and continues to gain recognition. Recent exhibitions include Homo Virtualis [Porto Santo Biennial] in Porto Santo, Portugal; Tek'tanik at Art Guild New Jersey and Gallery Affero in Newark, New Jersey; Digital Landscapes at the TMG Gallery in Guarda, Portugal; Digital Fringe at the Melbourne Fringe Festival in Melbourne, Australia; Fauna Show at The Workshop Gallery in Bialystok, Poland; NanoArt21, Passion for Knowledge in San Sebastian, Spain; Origins at the Fox Art Gallery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Snap To Grid at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art in Los Angeles, California; The Human Canvas at The Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, Colorado; Virtual Worlds at the UAVM; Virtual Humanities at the Icone Gallery in Coimbra, Portugal; SMart Festival at Open Concepts Gallery in Grand Rapids, MI; and Retro Futurism at SpaceCamp Gallery in Indianapolis, IN.

In 2008, Patrick began to show his work inside the virtual simulation world Second Life; exhibitions that advance beyond two-dimension work and expand his ideas of simulation, virtual reality, and the synthetic future where the physical object gives way to its virtual counterpart and its presence is valued entirely for its idea rather than its place in space.

This transition toward a more prominent virtual presence as an artist eventually led to the inevitable. In 2009, shortly after becoming a regular exhibitor in the virtual environment, Patrick embarked upon his first photographic series that used the environment and society of Second Life as its subject matter and conceptual theme. Virtual Lens is an artistic and anthropological investigation into the life of the avatar, landscape of the sim environment, and experience of the virtual world. Patrick continues to photograph and exhibit his portfolios as well as spend time with fellow avatars in Second Life.

2010 brought a new role for Patrick as the curator of several exhibitions. He has curated exhibitions for The VASA Project's Online Gallery and Turing Gallery in Second Life that reflect upon digital culture in the world today. Topics such as biotechnology, nanotechnology, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, robotics, renewable energies, gene therapy, cyber culture, and other posthuman and transhuman philosophies are the focus of these exhibitions.

During the month of June, 2010 Patrick was artist in residence at the Biosphere 2. During his time in residence he began work on photographic, sound, and digital media portfolios. These efforts have yielded a fully developed photographic portfolio of the Biosphere 2 structure and an album to be released on Innova Recordings in 2011. The unique condition of Biosphere 2 attracted Patrick to the residency. As a natural environment that was hermetically sealed and self-sustaining while simultaneously being powered by more than two acres of machinery, the B2 environment played on Patrick's continuing theme of organic and synthetic mergers.

Patrick received a Bachelor of Arts degree in photography from Grand Valley State University and a Master in Fine Arts degree for photography from the Savannah College of Art and Design.

He currently works as Assistant Professor of Photography at Point Park University in Pittsburgh and as an instructor for The Vasa Project’s online workshops.
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Machinima: recording the digital narrative (Second Life Exhibition)

Fri Nov 19, 2010 00:00

Call to Machinima Artists:

Turing Gallery [Extropia Core] is seeking submissions for an upcoming exhibition of Second Life machinima artists. While we appreciate machinima created with a theme of science fiction and the future in mind, all machinima will be accepted and considered.

Please submit a URL of video (or) a video under 10mb along with an artist statement to the Turing Gallery curator:

Patrick Millard (SL: Formatting Heliosense):

Please type "Turing Gallery" in the Subject/Topic field of the email.

This exhibition will take place inside the virtual environment of Second Life. Extropia Core

All entries must be received by November 19th.

Exhibition opens December 1st.


VASA Gallery Curatorial Interns

Thu Jul 01, 2010 00:00

The VASA Project is now accepting applications for Curatorial Interns for the the 2010-2011 exhibition period. One Curatorial Intern will be selected to assist each exhibition curator in the three online galleries hosted by the VASA Project: Photography, Sound, and Digital Media Arts.

Interns will have the opportunity to assist in designing and developing the new online exhibition spaces.

The Curatorial Intern will work closely with the curator in the organization of the online exhibition and the exhibition catalog. The online exhibition catalog will contain video interviews with the artist, curator, an essay contextualizing the work in a historical and contemporary frame, and biographical information. All exhibitions, including their catalogs, will be permently archived online by the VASA Project for continuous access.

The final exhibition of the internship period is curated by the intern, under the supervision of the curatorial mentor, providing them with professional experience in online exhibition conception, design, catalog and development.

The Curatorial Internship is an “unpaid” internship providing a professional development experience in online exhibitions, curatorial and historical writings, and gallery administration. Interns must be familiar with various tools and environments on the Internet, and have broadband access. Applications from canadiates with English as a second language are encouraged. Interns may work from anywhere in the world.


Interns will work under the direction of:

A. D. Coleman -- Photography
Jeff Jacoby -- Sound
Patrick Millard -- Digtial Media Arts


Curatorial Intern Responsibilities

* Assisting the curator in various aspects of the exhibition
* Preparing notices and releases on the exhibition for dissemination through various avenues
* Preparing a contextual essay on the work to be included in the exhibition package
* Assist in preparing any translations for the exhibition
* Assist the curator in the design and organization of the exhibition
* Assume the Curator's role (under the guidance of their curatorial mentor) in designing and developing an exhibition at the end of the internship.


Internships run from August to July
An average of 8-10 hours per week is required,
but may vary depending on the exhibition schedule


The VASA Project Exhibition Program hosts the work of established and emerging artists in sound, photography, and the digital media arts, presented in the form of professionally curated online showcases. Each exhibition is curated by an experienced curator working with a curatorial intern, and is permanently accessible online through VASA Virtual Exhibitions.

Unique to the VASA Exhibition Program, from the artists' standpoint, is the opportunity to cooperate in the creation of permanent curated online exhibitions presented within an ongoing series of such exhibitions, allowing for continuous access by viewers and educational programs. From the standpoint of curators and curatorial assistants, it offers the possibility of developing, refining, and presenting the results of curatorial efforts in a professional setting, available to the widest possible audience.

The VASA Exhibition Program is designed to present, in concert with the exhibition itself, interviews and other contextual material that serves to situate each exhibition in an historical and contemporary context, providing viewers with an enhanced perspective on the work, the artists, and their relation to contemporary theory and practice.


Digital Bodies

Digital Bodies

The arrival of virtual environments and augmented realities have had a distinct impact on the way we interact with the world. These types of simulations cause new relationships between the observer and what is being observed and affect our senses and experiences in ways that are more dramatic and monumental than ever before.

The Digital Bodies series considers what the future world might be like, both visually and experientially, when the real and the virtual collide. The hybrid of synthetic and organic realities is already underway, and the effects of this synthesis will reveal interesting changes in the way we go about our everyday lives. Not only will our ways of doing things change substantially but the tactility of our contact with the environment will alter as well.

There are many possibilities that we could imagine occurring in the near and distant future. The ability to control robotic entities remotely, capture, translate, and output from neural firings into language, create avatars and interact with them in virtual worlds, access directions to any location in the world through our cell phones, or even learn how busy a particular cafe is through augmented reality applications. These are minor changes; yet, they have opened up access to a more united habitat; breaking down traditional borders and opening up a network of information that is incalculably immense.

Eventually the separation between the real world and the virtual will become seamless as we slide from one mode of being into another.

-Patrick Millard



Generative Behaviors

Mon Oct 26, 2009 00:00 - Tue Oct 20, 2009

Tune into Node Radio on Monday October 26th, 2009 10-12am CST
for a special show which will air Generative Behaviors in its entirety.

Node Radio streams on the ambient radio station StillStream 24/7.

StillStream Radio:

Node Records:

Generative Behaviors

Generative sound by definition is music that is ever-changing and that is created by a system. The notion that a system -in the case of these works a laptop computer- can not only compute but create a musical production is fascinating; the language of the computer [binary] could be seen as elaborate enough to produce creativity out of zeros and ones. If this is so, the possibilities of who and what will be considered the artist of the future enters new territory as we embark upon the 21st Century. With technological discovery and creation accelerating, it will be increasingly important for us as we move to the future to embrace all creations as valid pursuits. Out of a continuining emphasis among artists on digital modes of articulation, fundamental changes in the way we see and understand art and music are nearly inevitable.

-Patrick Millard


Formatting Gaia

Sat Sep 26, 2009 00:00 - Tue Sep 15, 2009

what a priviledge it is to announce that Patrick Millard’s Formatting Gaia Art Photography will be installed and open to the public starting September 15th and running through January 15th

Patrick is progressive, not only in his intepretation of our place in the world, but also in the sharing of his vision and art with the world. he actively exhibits internationally and in Second Life. a quick look at his events schedule shows his reach in all worlds

we will provide a detailed update after completing the installation and announce the formal reception which is scheduled for the 26th. mark your calendars for this wonderful opening and come visit this provocative examination of our interaction with technology, Earth, and each other

we will be seeking passionate people to hold poetry readings, music, and expressive performances. formality is not required for these events as we love spontaneity

so check back in a few days for more details, meanwhile take a look at Patrick’s online portfolio, we think you will find his work quite moving. and if you want to explore deeper, both his view and your perspective, his well written blog helps us look at our values and what the future may hold for us, it’s rather intriguing.

-announcement from:

Reception: Opening: September 26, 4-6pm SLT | Closing: January 13, 6 - 8pm SLT