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Patrick Lichty is a digital intermedia artist, writer, and independent curator of over 15 years whose work comments upon the impact of technology on society and how it shapes the perception of the world around us. He works in diverse technological media, including activism, printmaking, kinetics, video, generative music, and neon. He is Editor-in Chief of Intelligent Agent, an electronic arts/culture journal, part of the activist group The Yes Men, and operates IALA Gallery in Baton Rogue, Louisiana.
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You're The Artist Now, Dawg! - A Digital Minimalism Exhibition

Mon Feb 22, 2010 00:00

United States of America

YTAND (You're the Artist Now, Dawg!)
A Digital Minimalism Exhibition
Curated by Patrick Lichty
plichty at colum dot edu
Pages due 4/15/10
Launch 5/1/10

User-driven viral media sites such as have created a form of “internet - native” aesthetics that also seen on sites like,, and many others, that have inspired New Media artists like Marisa Olson, Jon Satron, JonCates and Cory Arcangel to create forms such as “dirt style” and “glitch”. As the site states, a “YTMND” is:
A page(s) featuring a juxtaposition of a single image, optionally animated or tiled, along with large zooming text and a looping sound file. YTMND is also the general term used to describe any such site.
A YTMND, as a potential net.artform, is a highly formal/minimal structure, and it is through this format that the curator is inviting artists to create their own pages as exploration of digitally minimal forms.

Invited Artists include:
Jon Satrom
Marisa Olson
Artists are invited to explore and submit their own pages for consideration for this exhibition. Pages can be part of or independent from Artists will submit:
Url of page:
Brief description of page:
Artists will be notified of inclusion by April 20, and the site will go live on May 1. 2010. Depending on interest, a catalogue may be published by Intelligent Agent.
For more information, contact:
Patrick Lichty
Department of Interactive Arts & Media, Columbia College Chicago
916/1000 S. Wabash Ave
Chicago, IL, 60505
plichty at colum dot edu



Fri Oct 23, 2009 00:00 - Fri Oct 23, 2009

Patrick Lichty, Curator

This summer, I had launched a call that was an extension of the ongoing observation of the move of art from the screen, onto the body and into space as first expressed in my essay “Towards a Culture of Ubiquity”. This series of curatorial/adjudication projects include (re)distributions, Social Fabrics (co-curated with Susan Ryan), Mobile Exposure, and All of these projects were undertaken with the promise of them being innovative, or at least provocative, exhibitions of works that were not being seen.

I had launched the call that was in formulation for nearly eight months about two weeks after Jonah Brucker-Cohen published “Art in Your Pocket” on Rhizome .org. Christiane Paul had informed me of this, and my response was a slap to the forehead, mainly for having a good instinct, but waiting too long.

Since that time, what I have received has been mainly video, and the app work that I've seen in the community is already being distributed and seen. There are two issues that remain even with the expansion of app art, and might like to explore in the future.

1a: Most handheld art seems to be overshadowed by the iPhone. Although work with the MyTouch/Android platform, etc are extant, as well as other platforms, the Apple paradigm is dominant to the point where I wonder if I want to perpetuate its dominance.

1b: Sites like have ostensibly done the job of cataloguing much of the work that I wanted to explore. The Nomadic Screen show would have been unnecessarily redundant.

2: The Apple restrictions of content (acceptability, legality, SDK) create significant limitations in cultural expression. Although I will not attend this year, I will be looking at the subjects covered in Levin, et al's Mobile Art && Code conference at Carnegie Mellon concerning production and expression on mobile platforms outside the hegemonic channels.

Nomadic Screen has been canceled due to my belief that aspects of the conversation I wanted to create had been accomplished, and it would be necessary to launch another call in order to redirect the project to the areas where I feel inquiry would be useful. My thanks to people who had submitted, and my deepest apologies for not going further with this.


Wikipedia Art

I just checked in with this thread again, and found:
'Wikipedia Art' is utter bollocks.

I have no intention of helping to further legitimize it it by providing reasoned and cited debate to support my statement.

There was an admin by the name of Daniel Rigal who was probably the greatest catalyst for the canonization of WPA into a viable project. This is both expected/ironic as he was the most vociferous people against it. However, this is a very minor version of the usual tactical media formula - create a scene to elicit a response, and Rigal was probably the greatest responder, and therefore, outside of the 2 originators+3 "advocates", probably the greatest partner of the entire WPA project.

I can almost be certain given the language, etc, this is %80 of it being him, and if I were not so clinical about it, I almost feel a little troll-pleasure in this post. Of course people get angry for being taken for a ride.

I wonder as I write about it, I wonder if something with the power of tactical media practices should be used on relatively small matters like this? Of course, we can say that Miltos Manetas' project was a similar thing, but it snubbed more of a top-down organization.

My main satisfaction in WPA is that it showed me the underbelly of WikiPedia, and gave me a justification for banning it from the classroom as anything other than a tertiary source.


Summer of Love 2.0

Tue Jul 07, 2009 00:00 - Thu Jul 02, 2009

Patrick Lichty (w/Second Front, Janell Baxter, T. Burtonwood, and many others)
“Summer of Love 2.0”: A Durational Social Media Performance
July 7-12+, 2009 Noon-5PM in gallery,
Daily performances from 2-3 PM by Second Front
Group Hug Panoramic Photos, Jul.12, 3 PM Outside
Special Events all through the week. Look at the Facebook page for the most info.

Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago
In Second Life:\%20AM\%20Columbia/58/52/22
On Facebook:
On Myspace:
On Flickr, Delicious, Digg, youtube, you3b:
On Twitter & Yahoo IM:
plichty aht colum dot edu
For the period of time, I am performing a durational/relational piece about Social Media asking, “What is Love?” After seeing an ad campaign by Macy’s with pure-looking hippie girls selling the “Summer of Love”, and the YouTube video talking about “2.0”, I’ve come to wonder about what love has become since 1967. Has it merely become a marketing tool for collectivized individuality, or can we still love one another? The concept of togetherness in the age of networked society is complex, but perhaps we can derive meaning from looking at the differences between 1967 and 2009.
For seven days, I am going to make my life transparent to the Social Nets, in a loving (?) sense of Marina Abramovic’s The House with the Ocean View or Hasan Elahi’s sousveillance work. During this time, I will try to have a channel open at all times, inviting people to have a “virtual be-in” with me, and stage small happenings in the gallery.

For the Opening, Lichty and Virtual performance Art Group, Second Front will perform an interpretation of Lennon & Ono’s “Bed Piece” in Second Life, projected live in the gallery.
Each day at the MCA, I will attend from 12-5 every day:
12-1 - pin up prints of activity from the previous day, set out today’s questions, set up computers
1-2- Invite conversation, dialogue, actions, based on the day’s questions.
2-3 - Lead a daily action in Second Life with the performance group, Second Front
3-4 - Daily hug session: Perform the “Hug Piece (after Buscaglia)” in Second Life and in the gallery.
4-5- Docent the performance, greet, wrap up for the day.
The days questions will look at:
Summer of Love`Love 2.0July 7-8
Spaceship Earth (outer)Cyberspace (Inner)July 8
The Earth MovementSustainabilityJuly 9
Global VillageSurveillanceJuly 10
Vietnam WarIraq WarJuly 11
More Love & Panoramic group photo outside, 3pmJuly 12


Nomadic Screen/APP-Art Call for Works

Tue Sep 01, 2009 00:00

United States of America

Nomadic Screen/APP-Art
Curatted by Patrick Lichty
Site Address: (site forthcoming)

The development of handheld/mobile media and their use as multi-use platforms have taken sizeable leaps in the past decade. From the emergence of 80's Pen Computing, 90's PDA, and the explosion of smart phones in the 00's, personal devices have become multimedia platforms with great expressive and critical potential. Nomadic Screen.APP-Art showcases current trends in mobile app (stand -alone) and nomadic/locative technologies in smart phones.

The challenges of the gallery presented by media art are compounded by the ephemerality and diversity of New Media, and further complicated by the mobility of the handheld/nomadic device. With the questioning of the object, beginning with Duchamp’s 1918 Urinal, the dematerialization of art practice in the 1960’s, and further deobjectification in media art, what is the status of the media artwork in light of cell phone technology? These are formal, social, and critical issues are an ongoing conversation, and this exhibition will engage with these issues through an online/networked exhibition.

This exhibition is a further evolution of Lichty’s mobile curatorial projects, (re)distributions: …Nomadic Arts as Cultural Intervention (2003), and Mobile Exposure (2005, with Microcinema), and Valise in an IPod (2006).

Works must be applications, movies, etc that are specifically designed for/created with mobile phone technology in the last two years. Work must either be submitted as loadable app or suitable media file, or have instructions on how to acquire the app. All entries should have a roughly 250-word description of the piece, along with a two sentence artist bio and contact information and minimum 640x480 pixel image of the work.

The exhibition will be officially announced during the New Media Workshop at Eyebeam Atelier in NYC during the dates of July 14-16, 2009, and thew show exhibition will begin on September 21, 2009. Works are due on Sept 1, and will continue to be accepted until Feb.1, 2010. BE AWARE THAT WORKS NOT FALLING WITHIN THE INITIAL DEADLINE MAY NOT BE INCLUDED IN PRESS MATERIALS.

A Print-on-Demand poster and catalog will be available, the poster at the opening, and the catalogue in February 2010. Copies will be available to participants at production cost.

Patrick Lichty
Department of Interactive Arts & Media
Columbia College Chicago
916/1000 S. Wabash Ave #100
Chicago, IL 60605
plichty aht colum dot edu