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A Whole New World?





Pixel Celebration (2009) - Parker Ito

DREAM DICTIONARY : This dream dictionary makes the claim that it is better than any other. Why? It works on the assumption that if something very big and important happens the day before then you will surely dream about it. This dictionary collects together such dreams and has meticulously studied their meanings. Try to study the definitions and questions below and see how they relate to real life right now.

FIREWORKS : Fireworks usually symbolise huge and momentuous events in our minds. They can link to wild romance(fireworks in our mind) or great arguments.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Did you witness a big argument yesterday?
- Are you worried that there maybe an argument at work or amongst friends?
- Is there some explosive romance taking pace right now?

KEY WORDS : Romance, arguments

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I fear it will cause an argument"
- "we had a real argument"
- "explosive romance"

actually there are few criterias in creating this ranking:

1 - the styles and types of fireworks.

2 - synchronisation of fireworks.

3 - addition of lights, musics, etc.

4 - background scene (skyline, harbour, building,landmark ,etc)

5 - the scale of fireworks.

6 - the length of time of fireworks.

7 - the excitement from crowd.

8 - the meanings and symbolism of fireworks (theme). (very hard to know, based on the fireworks organizers’ theme)

Anyway, Happy New Year 2009 to all again ! All the videos here, must see…these are very great videos obtained from Youtube. Especially for those who love fireworks!

Fireworks are a paradoxical ritual: at once violent and beautiful, populist and mysterious, mundane yet magical, they can be considered, historically, one of the first truly public, spectacle-oriented forms of cultural expression and social symbolism. Traditional yet continuously reinvented, fireworks have been employed for purposes ranging from militaristic symbolism to nationalistic celebration, to just plain consumerism; or, in their most basic form, a kid firing a bottle rocket in his or her backyard. In these days of anxieties (real and imagined), the transient imaginary reality of fireworks has undoubtedly taken on more profound implications, particularly in their seductive power to invoke the sound, fury, and visuality of armed conflict.

-these are some things I found when I googled "symbolism of fireworks