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Call for system shutdown!!!!

I invite everyone to see and join the "CTRL-ALT-DEL Art Project".
It is a sticker-art collective project that has recently won the first prize at Memefest 2006, International Festival of Radical COmmunication in Ljubljana.
You can find it on the web at
Please help me to shutdown the system!!
Press Ctrl Alt Del (Canc in Italy) to reboot the system.
This is a political street-sticker action made up of four stickers attached to any location within a city.
To reboot the system you don't need ancient ideologies or violent revolutions,but you just have to press the three keys together !!
Unfortunately, alone you can't do it, because of the distance between them.
I invite all of you to print the three keys images (in A3 or A4 size )as well as the image "press ctrl-alt-del to reboot the system" and to affix them on a building or location of your choice.Please keeep the original proportions and distance (as the image shows).
Photograph it and please send me an image of your intervention to be published on line. Together, these images of urban intervention will become a collective call to reboot the system.
Organization for the Liberation of the Pixel