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Call For Artists: A Peoples Guide to Icelandic Butterflies

Sorry to burst your bubble but butterflies have been seen regularly and even in some abundance here in Iceland for the past ten years or so. In Icelandic there is no distinction made in the common term between moths and butterflies. The term is "fiðrildi". However, if you ask someone who knows something about it, these can be separated into "dagfiðrildi" (butterflies) and "náttfiðrildi" (moths). We have lots of moths but it is true that butterflies don't thrive in Iceland but they do appear regularly, having been carried here be prevailing winds from North America. So this statement, from the website, "with the exception of one or two undocumented sightings, butterflies have been virtually absent from this part of the world for centuries" is just not true.

Pardon my pedantry but misconceptions about Iceland are so common that it gets on one's nerves every now and then.


The software artist's plea

My @rt
22. September 2009

map my @rt, $ometime;
$ave; foreach(%generation){
package it;
study it && redo;
@rt = (80, 65, 76, 76, 32, 84, 72, 65, 89, 69, 82, 10);
foreach(@rt){print chr($_);}


A Microcode in rhyme: Two or Love

if(2 == 2 || 'love' =~ /u/){
$two = 1 unless $none;
while($beef || $pork){
sleep(11) && fork();
sleep(22) && print "fun";


Optipessimism in code

New Microcodes: Half empty and Half full


Tiny Sketch

I don't agree with #2. It's impossible to add pedagogical value to such a restrictive mode of creation. The restrictions force people to apply advanced methods to keep their code concise. Hardly the place to begin learning Processing. The best place to learn Processing is still the online reference: