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Call For Artists: Searching For God

Actually, you can save documents in the .ppt format in OpenOffice.


Mt. Hekla live

Mt. Hekla is now being painted in real-time, live at:

Mt. Hekla is a live volcano in the South of Iceland (WikiPedia).
Recently a live webcam was set up at the Burfellsvirkjun power plant
with a view of Hekla. The "Hekla" applet produces a live "painting" of
the mountain that regenerates itself in real time. Mt. Hekla has
probably been painted at least once by each of Icelands most prominent
painters throughout Iceland's relatively short art history. Now for the digital version.

Pall Thayer


Code in color

Thanks to Google's awesome code-prettify (, Microcodes are now displayed with full syntax highlighting:

Pretty damn cool if you ask me.

Happy holidays,
Pall Thayer