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The Super Googer

The super googer now does maps (with bike routes, if available) or satellite images:




post- media art manifesto

What new media artist is NOT "in the pursuit of spiritual experience"?

What practicing artist is NOT trying to figure out "What should be the art for the present era?"

How can an artist be against the spectacle. Art is a spectacle.

You're right that "communication can not be achieved without interaction" but that doesn't really say much. The "interaction" could be nothing more than sitting in front of your TV and soaking everything in. I'm going to assume that what you meant is that "Communication shouldn't exist without active interaction as opposed to passive interaction."

In most cases assuming that work is about nothing more than technical advancement suggests a flawed reading of the work. Besides, today's technical advancements are contemporary cultural artifacts. You say that you want to incorporate contemporary cultural trends. These two statements don't function well together.

There's no reason to "admit the coexistence between human and machine" as we see it all around us. To reject it would be silly, to admit it is to state the obvious.

I fail to see what new and unexplored directions your manifesto is suggesting.