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Augmented reality

$reality = "real text\n";
$augmented_reality = "\e[31;40m augmented ".$reality."\e[0m";
print $reality;
print $augmented_reality;


Microcodes exhibit in Groningen and YOU

Hi Everyone,
I think most people on this list are familiar with my collection of
"Microcodes", small artistically inspired, Perl codes ( ). In March, the entire collection of
Microcodes, as well as user contributed "derivatives", will be exhibited
at the chmod +x exhibition that is being organised by GOTO10/MakeArt in
Groningen, NL.

To date, I have written 46 codes and there are 15 user contributed codes.
This is where YOU come in. Clicking on specific codes on the site offers
the option of contributing your own version of the code in question. It
doesn't even have to be Perl. If the code inspires you to write something
related, submit it! If you would rather be anonymous, you don't have to
enter your real name.

It would be nice to have some more contributions from others for the
exhibition. The more the merrier!

Best r.
Pall Thayer



Call For Artists: Searching For God

Actually, you can save documents in the .ppt format in OpenOffice.