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The Commenter: A Lament

Rhizome has long held on to this belief that the discussion gravitated away due to the emergence of social sites but that's not right. I remember when I first discovered Rhizome. It was very liberating to discover that there were people all over the world involved in the same sort of practice that I was discovering... and they were sharing ideas, comments, work. It was great. Posts and works would get pulled from the list and published on the front page. There was an encouraging dynamic to it. Then something happened. Rhizome stopped publishing things from the list and was more or less just pulling stuff from other websites and posting that to their front page. They called it "re-blogging". That was what killed Rhizome. They stopped paying attention to their community and therefore the community stopped being a community.


48 Artists (and Rhizome) remember when...

1992. Picked up the "connectivity" packet at the University of Minnesota and installed it on the only computer at work (Kinko's) that had a modem (it was the one that was used to send and receive Kinko's resume orders). Dialed in to the U. Explored the university's "gopher" server. Telnetted into Wunderground. Checked out the IRC. Explored a wide variety of MUDs, MUSHes and MOOs, finally deciding on LambdaMOO as my fave. Little work was done that day.


thethingthaTATEart (and spat something out)

Exploring possibilities with the Tate Gallery's recently open-sourced metadata files:


Self-Portrait of a program

Web version of my new piece "Self-Portrait: Seemingly Random Patterns of Thought" (sans audio). A program that paints constantly regenerating imagery using it's own code as the "brush stroke", if you will.

Page contains link to full version.

Pall Thayer