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new work: webzen

A web page as simple as it can be"

We could say that <html></html> is the simplest of web pages. However, we could also say that this (and yours) isn't even a web page because it doesn't pass w3c validation. (

Actually, I kind of like the idea of having to declare the character encoding in a document that contains nothing. It's like having to use a sack because you have nothing to carry ... or having to decide whether spaces should be capitalized.


How to run Microcodes

I've been getting some emails asking how to run the Microcodes at Most people who don't know how are surprised to learn that they have everything they need already installed. Anyway, I've created a short "HowTo" at


The Good Wall and Floor Awards

Hi Phillip,
Since you're expressly soliciting criticism, I'll be blunt. First of all, as far as first impressions go, the site itself leaves much to be desired. The design is unflattering and there's too much clicking involved before you can get at any information. It feels to me like you're guilty of the same sorts of faults that you're criticizing.

I'm assuming that the humour is intentional but I find it a bit too thick. There's nothing wrong with humour in art but I think GWAFA needs a little more balance. I see jokes but I don't really see the serious side. This ties in with my next comments. Should galleries really all be slick and clean and "exceptionally neutral"? In my opinion, some artwork works better in a run down gallery and some artwork looks really out of place in a slick gallery. I think that having a range of galleries is beneficial to the arts. On whose authority are good walls and floors deserving of an award? I'm not saying they aren't, just suggesting that if you're going to present this as serious art then you should perhaps ask yourself these questions (and attempt to answer them on your site).

best r.
Pall Thayer


Microcodes RSS feed

Microcodes now has an RSS feed so you can keep up to date.


The Microcode website

I made a slight change to the one I posted on the site. I removed "sleep(1)". I find it more interesting, visually and you get more frequent strange word combinations like "arrestroduce" and "prisoncrickdear".