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new work

Hi all,

I appoligize for any multiple postings.

That said, I've got a new project out that's in a sort of beta testing stage. It's called "Looking for the new universal harmony" and can be found at

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Re: inIVA x-space commission

I think my point is being missed. Wouldn't we find it absurd if someone who
didn't know how to paint, who's thing was to come up with ideas of paintings
and have a *real* painter paint them, went around calling himself a painter?
Now let's take it a little further. A sculptor who works with metal
structures. Only, he doesn't know how to weld so he gets someone else to put
it together for him. The welder of course has to point out every now and
then, "Well, this little bit here won't work. The piece won't be structuraly
sound. It'll just fall apart, so we'll have to add a little piece on this
side to hold the whole thing together." The artists idea was flawed. He
would of realized this if he knew anything about welding. So now the
finished artwork isn't quite what the artist had in mind, but close enough,
or not. Next comes this *new media artist*. He's got an excellent idea for a
project but doesn't know how to do it. He just got his modem last week and
managed to download a crack for the trial version of Dreamweaver. He plays
around with it for a couple of days and then decides, "Ah, screw it. My
girlfriends brother is a computer programmer. I'll see if he can help me out
with it." So now, our artist is going to discuss how to make artwork with a
guy who thinks Ingres is a GUI manager for Postgres and that Yves Kline was
a fashion designer. The result is bound to lose most of the artistic focus.
Also, artists have a different way with things. I think we have a certain
way of learning how to use things. A way that opens the medium up to new
possibilities that those who created it never even thought of before. If
we're going to be able to do something remarkable with the medium, we have
to learn enough about it to be able to mold it in our hands like clay. Make
it bend and sway and do whatever we want. When the computer programmers say,
"No, you can't do that." It's our job to show them that you can.

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> these sort of calls drive me nuts too.
> I decided to have a rant the other week on a studio based in London
> that was offering a rather nice bursary to digital artists. Dream brief,
> timeframe, no agenda, no 'finished' project that you hand over - just
> money to 'buy' time and materials to explore ideas
> only london artists could apply.
> I sent them a three page rant on how they had totally misunderstood the
> whole 'freedom of movement' potential of working digitally, translocal
> practice on the net, the difficulties and rarity of gaining funding for
> individual [net] artists and it was totally misplaced to to insist the
> be based in a specific physical location blah blah blah
> I actually got back a rather nice calm email but saying they weren't
> happy about this either but the funding was provided by a specific
> london based organization and had made this a prerequisite of the
> brief...maybe if it was successful it could be expanded, try again soon,
> etc etc etc
> ho hum
> Worked out that I could have spent the total money I've paid in
> childcare to gain the time to write submission for grants, bursaries and
> stipends (that I didn't get) on a whole new computer.
> thanks god for


Re: inIVA x-space commission

Why don't we ever see commissions like this:
The whatever institute of whateverism is inviting submissions from artists who
are new to painting as an artistic medium and whose practice lends itself to
painting either through subject matter or form. The selected artists will work with
a painter to help them realise their commission conceptually and technically
between ....

My point being, what's the difference here? If you want to be an artist who
paints, you learn to paint, right? If you want to be an artist who uses new media,
you learn the new medium. Having someone else do all the work is never going
to bring the same results.


> Please circulate to any artists that you think would be interested in this
> x-space commissions
> deadline: 29th November 2002
> inIVA (The Institute of International Visual Arts) is inviting submissions from
artists who are new to the Internet as an artistic medium and whose artistic
practise lends itself to New Media either through subject matter or form. The
selected artists will work with a web designer to help them realise their
commission conceptually and technically between January and March 2003.
> For further information and an application form, email or send an A4 SAE to:
> Graham O'Brien
> inIVA (x-space)
> 6-8 Standard Place
> Rivington Street
> London EC2A 3BE
> UK
> **Thanks
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Re: new subscription notes

Hinn 9.09.2002 kl. 09:44 ritadhi Jess Loseby:

> In my new appointment as rhizome raw dictator (Kandinskij nominated me
> so it must be true) I give the following petition to the list...
> We, the undersigned do accept that that IID4" Kandinskij @27+, also
> known as`, .


Re: all is God

Quotes have quotation marks and a reference to the source.
Anything else is plagiarism as well as an infringement on copyright law.
Do you really think that everyone on this list just happened to know
that your text belonged to someone else? You started a new thread with
it. Then how are people supposed to "know" that it had something to do
with a post from Eryk. If you really believe that is a
place to learn what plagiarism means then you're even more confused than
you appear to be.
I'm filtering you out from now on.

Hinn 8.09.2002 kl. 12:45 ritadhi -IID42 Kandinskij @27+:

> On Sun, 8 Sep 2002, Pall Thayer wrote:
>> Unethical, grounds for a lawsuit.
> I am sorry, Palle, what are you talking about?
>> That wasn't a quote.
> Yes, it was, dear. wake up.
>> You took someone elses text and put your name
> No, that was a signature of the e-mail.
>> under it without any mention of the fact that the text belongs to
>> someone else.
> That was fairly obvious, Palle. Only an idiotic moron would think
> that I
> was claiming the text as mine--or someone bent on correcting my proper
> English usage, typos, and all around 'feeding' leech--due to my fight
> with Max.
>> That's plagiarism and I'm sure that Mr. Hoeller would agree with me.
> No, he won't. Mr. Hoeller is hardly the twit that you are,
> and I sincerely doubt he would find himself 'plagiarized'
> for being quoted on a mailing list. Get a grip on whatever is
> bugging your panties.
>> Well, of course you know where you stole it from.
> I haven't 'stolen' anything--I reposted a textwith regards
> to Eryk Salvaggio's comments. Does the mention of the word God
> get your panties in a knot or what?
> Did you go to plagiarist, baby?
> And did you learn what plagiarism is?
> No, really Palle.
> Pathetic idiot.
Pall Thayer
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